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80s instrumental: Lady Gaga - Stupid Love (exile '80s remix)

Let's peek at the wonderful world of CHROMATICA that the famous singer LADY GAGA created back in 1985! Here is the instrumental version of 'STUPID LOVE' from her 6th studio album that came out back in the 80s!
long live the 80s

exile photo 1 80s instrumental: Lady Gaga -... exile photo 2 80s instrumental: Lady Gaga -... exile photo 3 80s instrumental: Lady Gaga -... exile photo 4 80s instrumental: Lady Gaga -...

Omg the nostalgia! i remember this so clearly from back in the day when i wasnt born yet 😌

by chris khan 2 weeks ago

I waited 4 long minutes for the vocals. Little did I know that it'll never come. ALWAYS READ THE TITLES XD

by ライ 2 weeks ago

It feels like yesterday when this came out <3

by Devi Serene 2 weeks ago

I was waiting for the song to start. Plot twist its instrumental.

by HowlALC 1 week ago

- really reminds me of Simple Minds. I don't know what song, but that is my favorite band! I love this whole instrumental, as well!

by Tara Tara 2 weeks ago

Yessssssssssssssssssssssss, I might start pulling this out for karaoke 👀

by Michael Tallman 2 weeks ago

The thumbnail is giving me housewive Katy Perry lmfao 😆

by Denis Breimann 2 weeks ago

This is amazing! Can you mix an 8 minute version? I would buy that

by Daniel 1 week ago

For those who liked the "original" work, but felt the lyrics could use "A little tweaking...!" ;)

by pancudowny 2 weeks ago

This used to be the background music on PowerChannel while they ran through they day's upcoming schedule.

by philxyz 2 weeks ago

Surprisingly good to listen to while working!

by LunaWitcher 2 weeks ago

Now I can live out all my Gaga 80s karaoke dreams 😍

by Beck 2 weeks ago

Wow this takes me back to the good old times 😂

by Darkshadow 3 days ago

Exile's work is AMAZING!!! KEEP IT UP !!!!

by Jackelyn Ruby 3 days ago

That inicial beat is from bizarre love triangle right? ❤️

by Nícolas Torrini 2 weeks ago

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