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Ezee x Natalie photo 1 Introducing My CRUSH To My... Ezee x Natalie photo 2 Introducing My CRUSH To My... Ezee x Natalie photo 3 Introducing My CRUSH To My... Ezee x Natalie photo 4 Introducing My CRUSH To My...

Who came back to this video after they got together to see if there were signs lol

by Stacia Martin 1 month ago

Natalie: “the thought of u with somebody else breaks my heart”

by BrooklynGurl 1 month ago

Who’s here after the confession video from ezee in love with her ?

by Jay Bee 1 month ago

“Who’s here after the....” SHUTUP we alllll are

by Nia 444 1 month ago

She wasn’t jealous at all but that’s how best friends act when you see your best friend acting like that around someone else

by Mary bolis 7 months ago

No one:
Not a single soul:
Not even aliens:
Not even the monster in my bed:

EVERYONE in the comments: WhOs HeRe AfTeR cOnFfEsInG tHeIr LoVe

by HøtCheetøs 1 month ago

Looking back at this, she was definitely jealous even before she saw who the crush was😅

by BellaStylez 1 month ago

Who’s here 6 months later when Nat and Ezee finally admitted their feelings for each other??

by B D 1 month ago

Natalie was defending her territory at all cost.........but it all makes sense now lol

by alex jackson 1 month ago

Who is watching this after they confess they love

by lexi r 1 month ago

When Natalie sat on Ezee's lap, so casually, at the froyo spot, that was a "Bitch, what it do?!" 🤨 to Jessica, hahaha. Marking her territory a lil 😂

by Wicked1 1 month ago

the girl in white lowkey a natural at being mean 😂

by angie lol 1 month ago

They’re going to end up dating .. they did something on a drunk night fasho fasho 💀

by Jayshanice HendersonG 5 months ago

how you know Natalie was jealous! She did NOT like seeing Jessica feed Ezee that yogurt.

by Crystal Reeves 2 weeks ago

Coming back to this video after their reveal video. Knew she was at least a little bit jealous 🤷🏾‍♀️😂

by Alexis Robertson 1 month ago

Nat is the real G for sitting on her lap🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

by BenzBibi 8 months ago

Who came back here after natalie said yesssss to ezee 🤭🥳🥳

by Terry 1 month ago

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