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FaZe Clan Real Life Treasure Hunt - Challenge

FaZe Clan photo 1 FaZe Clan Real Life Treasure... FaZe Clan photo 2 FaZe Clan Real Life Treasure... FaZe Clan photo 3 FaZe Clan Real Life Treasure... FaZe Clan photo 4 FaZe Clan Real Life Treasure...

Who do you guys have winning this challenge?? 👀

by FaZe Clan 2 months ago

cant believe i watched this whole thing without skipping a second.. WE NEED MORE !!!!!!!

by HiTEMP 2 months ago

Imagine getting on a bus on a normal day and seeing a whole bunch of faze member just chillin

by Envy Fearless 1 month ago

I love how everyone is try hard but teeqo's team is chilling

by XxIcywizard xX 1 month ago

i need a compilation of everytime apex says “I’m a fat ass, i’m fat as shit”💀💀💀💀😭

by Rachel xd 1 month ago

props to the camera men/women. that's hella running with a 10 pound camera lmaoo

by Beaugun 1 month ago

Everyone: literally working their asses off to find clues

Teeqo and Orba:"We'Re gEtTinG iCecreAm!!"

Wow thanks for so much likes

Stay safe :)

by Joaquin Lol 2 months ago

Jarvis and Cizzorz team name should’ve been “Jizzorz”🤣🤣🤣

by Garyn 3 weeks ago

I just realized that bob said “Theres gonna be beer” or something like that at the start. Then the last place was a tavern. He literally gave a clue in the first place!

by Lelouch the Lemon 1 month ago

This man rug said appreciate you to a “drug dealer”

by Kir Ortiz 1 month ago

Apex: Dude are you ticktocking?!”

by Edu Oseguera 1 month ago

I changed what this used to be so you will never know why I got so many likes

by Rakan Alsubaie 2 months ago

“it won’t let us press the E” literally spamming Y😂

by Alexis Rico 1 month ago

faze rug is so nice,even when there is thousands of dollars on the line he still stops and takes pictures for fans

omg thank you for the likes

by Cats and Stuff 1 month ago

Orba: we’re gangsters we just robbed his ass.

by Diego Campos 1 month ago

I can’t believe that teeqo and orbo came second when they were just walking and getting ice cream 🍦 while the other teams were working there socks off trying to work out the puzzles and hopefully come first

by Maryam Aljomaa 1 month ago

I can’t believe I actually just sat through that whole thing with no snacks and nothing to drink lmao

by pocomota 1 month ago

Where is Banks he doesn’t ever do anything with the FaZe guys

by Dunkin Donuts 1 month ago

Imagine how embarrassing it’d be if 1 team still couldn’t figure out the first part

by Nvghtmares 2 days ago

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