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Surviving 24 Hours On A Lake - Challenge

I spent 24 hours on a boat on the FaZe House Lake. I made sure to go with supplies like food, water, a pillow so I can last. TeaWap and I had a few mishaps but we managed to innovate and survive! MrBeast did a similar spending 24 hours challenge so shoutout to Mr Beast!
🕺 TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/jarvis
📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/liljarviss
🍉TeaWap: https://www.instagram.com/teawap

FaZe Jarvis photo 1 Surviving 24 Hours On A... FaZe Jarvis photo 2 Surviving 24 Hours On A... FaZe Jarvis photo 3 Surviving 24 Hours On A... FaZe Jarvis photo 4 Surviving 24 Hours On A...

I just love love your content so much❤️

by Luke Menyhart 2 months ago

Im liking these videos better than the Fortnite content honestly

by Ace Wolf 2 months ago

Teawap carries everyone’s vlogs

by JT the bomb 2 months ago


Jarvis: puts a shark in the thumbnail

by Brazified 2 months ago

Looks like Jarvis can’t carry TeaWap in fortnite but he can carry him in real life

by Tazmana Football 1 day ago

To whoever is seeing this,have a great rest of your day

by KYLE KNAPP 2 weeks ago

The people who roast Jarvis I would just like to say u good bro?
Quality content

by Lucky Family 1 month ago

what's the point of wearing masks if they down cover ur face lmao

by Luc Core 1 day ago

Imagine jarvis gets his account back and starts uploading fortnite vids again

by Deril David 2 months ago

The most underrated sentence ever “of course man we got the diapers on deck”

by 100k subs with no video 1 month ago

"I could be playing warzone valorant"

shows picture of overwatch

What how the hell did this get 231 likes?

by Sum genji main 2 months ago

Imagine if sommer Clarke’s Jarvis when the challenge had just started

by Chopper Skicow 2 weeks ago

The amount of people felt bad for Jarvis at the end

by Beattrix 102 3 weeks ago

Aye bro I literally have been watching u for the longest time since the old call of duty trick shot vidz u guys are amazing

by Glitch Tizmo 2 months ago

smells like a toilet wow a pic of avani's boyfriend

by Force Alexx 1 month ago

I’m gonna be honest
After being banned from fortnite
His content went on another level
It’s so much better now

by Blu ;-; 2 months ago

"Its 900pm 12 hours to go" "Alright its 1200am 11 hours to go" Huh how does tht make sense

by Look at curry man 1 month ago

He didn’t even say,”wait wait wait” he said,”wt wet wet

by Cloudzz _ 2 weeks ago

You should do this with sommer no Tewap no one just you and sommer

by Shake_ Goaty 1 week ago

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