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Who Can Punch The Hardest? - Challenge

Who Can Punch The Hardest feat Bradley Martyn at the FaZe House with FaZe Teeqo FaZe Nikan FaZe Kay FaZe Temperrr FaZe Adapt.
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FaZe Jarvis photo 1 Who Can Punch The Hardest?... FaZe Jarvis photo 2 Who Can Punch The Hardest?... FaZe Jarvis photo 3 Who Can Punch The Hardest?... FaZe Jarvis photo 4 Who Can Punch The Hardest?...

Jarvis this is the best video ever, vids have been fire lately

by Drew Nowell 4 days ago

For those who are wondering I was jumped Miami before filming this video

by FaZe Adapt 4 days ago

Him: who can punch the hardest?

Epic games: am I a joke to you?

by Cosmic_dog. 2 days ago

Noooo Brad got adapt to do crack. He’s influencing everyone

by Jair reimann 2 days ago

Tell me why Alex looks like he hasn’t left the house and went to sleep for a cupple month’s

by Blanko coc 2 days ago

Who else has realised that Alex’s face has been more busted than before 😂🤣😂

by KING AJ TV 2 days ago

He doesn’t look like brother nature like if you think the same.

by Savage_Monkey_911 2 days ago

Whenever u say Adapts head is busted but then he gets 890 all u be like “aight imma head out” 😂🤣

by APEX_ spamZ 2 days ago

This just shows that it’s not the size of the dog in a fight it’s the size in the dog 🐕 😂

by Jordi Carino 2 days ago

This was a straight banger, so thankful Fortnite banned you LOL

by iFerg 4 days ago

Alex literally looks like he was awake for 3 days straight and hasn't shaved for 2 months

by Fr0z3n Gaming 2 days ago

Adapt looks like a mafia guy that dont sleeps since 1990

by Caca hoons 2 days ago

I’m surprised when Bradley punches Kay didn’t say “that’s crazy”

by Ethan Roe 2 days ago

Kay: Gets 666
Everyone in the comments: devil's numberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

by Michael Scott 2 days ago

It's just the way you hit it.. If they would do a arm wrestling competition, he would easily win. Look at those arms lmao

by groothandelapeldoorn 2 days ago

Jarvis we can tell has no strength. But everyone else has some good strength that’s forsure.

by Square Up 2 days ago

Bruh Alex looks like a Wal-Mart version of Tony stark

by zerqs stupid 2 days ago

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