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I UNLOCKED the OBSIDIAN PKM but I don't care because the NEW SNIPER is coming

FaZe Jev photo 1 I UNLOCKED the OBSIDIAN PKM... FaZe Jev photo 2 I UNLOCKED the OBSIDIAN PKM... FaZe Jev photo 3 I UNLOCKED the OBSIDIAN PKM... FaZe Jev photo 4 I UNLOCKED the OBSIDIAN PKM...

Challenge Accepted: Try out the new Nether Update on Minecraft

by Lil Anarchy 1 week ago

Theres a tornado warning and I'm in my bathroom waiting for it to pass. If I die I'll die watching a jev video.

by Landen Bailey 1 week ago

Challenge Accepted: Play Modern Warfare with Alexis for a video.

by Thinq 1 week ago

Jev: casually talks about ufc while hitting clips

Me: burning my scrambled eggs while making kool aid

by I pose thrasher 1 week ago

Jev: Ooooo New Calling Cards No Point In Grinding Those

After Obsidian: So I Started Grinding The Calling Cards

by Lolis Are life 1 week ago

Jev: getting destroyed not trying

Also Jev: end of game at the top of scoreboard with 50+ kills

by Jonathan Carrillo 1 week ago

Jev: finds obsidian hard

Me: finds the kali sticks hard to get

by Charlie Dartnall 1 week ago

Can we just appreciate how Jev has the special talent to talk and still play at a high level at the same time.

by Johnny Accardo 1 week ago

โ€œIโ€™m not going to get Obsidian for every weapon in the game.โ€

โ€œIโ€™m getting Obsidian for every weapon in the game.โ€

by Trump 1 week ago

Take a shot every time he says โ€œor whateverโ€

by Alex Kennedy 1 week ago

Me listening to him talking about fights not knowing what heโ€™s saying

by xdCodfan 1 week ago

I'm not even interested in UFC and I can still just listen to Jev talk about it

by BobRossInYur Mun 1 week ago

Cod: New sniper

Also cod: 737gb update

by xd_Veyy .-. 1 week ago

Yโ€™all remember when Jev burnt his scalp chemically straitening his hair and that guy thought he was a dealer ๐Ÿ˜‚? Oh and your hair looks better curly my guy.

by Mason Davis 1 week ago

Challenge Accepted: Get a LMG obsidian while only playing SND

by Eazliy 1 week ago

who else has no idea about wrestling or whatever heโ€™s talking about just let him talk and watch the gameplay

by Soren #37 1 week ago

Challenge accepted: show us your stats

by AyyCg 1 week ago

Challenge accepted: play a game with your leaderboard up the whole time.

by Barry B. Benson 1 week ago

Petition to have jev create a second channel/series where he just talks about mma.

by Oxlong Mike 1 week ago

Jev: "Im not gonna get obsidian on all guns"


by OsamBinChicken 6 days ago

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