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Addison Rae Vs FaZe Clan on Fortnite

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Addison Rae Vs'd and 1v1'd FaZe Kay, with FaZe Jarvis,FaZe H1ghSky1 on Fortnite! LIKE the video and we'll Surprise Addison Rae & Her Brother with a Crazy Custom Gaming PC!
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FaZe Kay photo 1 Addison Rae Vs FaZe Clan... FaZe Kay photo 2 Addison Rae Vs FaZe Clan... FaZe Kay photo 3 Addison Rae Vs FaZe Clan... FaZe Kay photo 4 Addison Rae Vs FaZe Clan...

Kay really drops nothing but bangers!

by Team Tragic 1 day ago

Literally nobody:
Jarvis depressed because he can’t play with Addison


by 1000 subs with no videos ? 1 day ago

I thought Addison would’ve been more ignoring people but she’s actually really nice

by The Royals 1 day ago

jarvis in the background: i want to play with addison >:(

by Dis meme guy 1 day ago

A moment a silence for Jarvis all depressed in the back that he can’t win play.

by DaGame tree 22 hours ago

litteraly nobody:

absolutely nobody:

everyone in the world:

the one guy at Youtube HQ who moved the comments: hahahahahahahahaha💀

by Lag Illusive 21 hours ago

Literally 70% of the people watching are 7 and can’t have a yt account

by CarltheCamel 15 hours ago

God bless whoever is reading this, I hope that god gives you all you have ever wanted and all you have been praying for. I want everyone to have a good happy life, and I hope this quarantine ends. I hope nothing like the virus happens to anyone. A subscribe would always be appreciated . Thank you for reading this and god bless you ❤️❤️.

by Haro 15 hours ago

I can’t stop laughing at Jarvis saying don’t die

by Abbas Khan 1 day ago

For the whole 2 minutes of the 1v1 he was flirting with Addison

by Kenetic SZN 1 day ago

Who’s just here for Addison? Bc I am idc about anything else

by Arelyyy :D 1 day ago

Next Video: Addison Rae’s Brother JOINS FAZE. After that: Addison Rae Joins Faze

by StaticAtum34 20 hours ago

when your trying to impress your crush

by Joel Chavez 20 hours ago

Faze Kay: We won the game let's goo
Me: Spelling corrections Highsky won the game

by UhhDxpe_ 23 hours ago

FaZe Kay: 70% of you aren’t subbed

Me: how dare thou

by McSqueezyBoi 11 hours ago

Everybody who watched the video: I’m going to add Addison Rae

by Kryptex 19 hours ago

Hes over here sayin he wants a pc and he’s on console me wanting a pc an I’m on mobile bruh

by XO DIOR 23 hours ago

Kay: I have the best aim

Addison: I have better

by Harley Slug 22 hours ago

Is just me or there's something going on betwen Kay and Addison?😂😂

by That's Insane 1 day ago

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