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I Tipped the Chef $1,000 & what he did will SHOCK YOU...

#tipping chefs #1000 dollar tip to waitress #1000 dollar tip #rugfaze #Entertainment
So today I went around tipping chefs from restaurants money because they don't get enough credit!.
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FaZe Rug photo 1 I Tipped the Chef $1,000... FaZe Rug photo 2 I Tipped the Chef $1,000... FaZe Rug photo 3 I Tipped the Chef $1,000... FaZe Rug photo 4 I Tipped the Chef $1,000...

This was very heart warming. Did you guys enjoy it?!

by FaZe Rug 1 year ago

This like is for the pizza guy.

by Jingyao Gan 3 months ago

Should've given the whole money to the last pizza guy.

by Ava Meyers 5 months ago

Shouldve gave the pizza guy the thousand instead of the second guy

by RAVEN FANATICZ 1 year ago

This is how much times he called the food fire


by Blade_Moe. 9 months ago

The burger cook:Faze rug gave me 100 dollars

by Ali Shaikh 4 months ago

Lmao the first girl was just pissed the whole time

by Mahd k 3 months ago

It’s not only him having a great heart, it’s also you having the biggest heart in the world, love u Rug, stay so positive.

August 2019 anyone?

by Luka Car 9 months ago

I swear i wanted to slap the s out of that lady like at least he’s doing something nice

by Issac Serrano 7 months ago

Rug at every single spot
This is literally my favorite spot to eat 😂

by YrnYG 5 months ago

That last guy was definitely a very kind generous guy! Shoutout to him! So humble even though he sounds like he does one of the most important things for their company!

by Shiro Misto 8 months ago

Rug: 1000 dollars is life changing money
Chicken guy: this made… my day

by George Gianikos 4 months ago

I hated the woman who was yelling at him like he just ASKED for the cook!!!

by Erindale_ Edits 11 months ago

Faze rug : Gives 1000 tip
Waiter : eats the money
Faze rug : that’s so cool bro! guys this guy is so amazing shout out to him.

by Xodioent 1 week ago

The lady: Be a gentleman

Me: shut tf up

by Shivam Joshi 1 week ago

I hate how the 2nd guy gets the 1k and the other chefs were so awesome and they got less

by Bisho Maher 9 months ago

Shootout to da homeless im one just got out of homelessness

by LaNese Hill 6 months ago

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