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FaZe Temperrr photo 1 SPEAKING ONLY PORTUGUESE FOR 24... FaZe Temperrr photo 2 SPEAKING ONLY PORTUGUESE FOR 24... FaZe Temperrr photo 3 SPEAKING ONLY PORTUGUESE FOR 24... FaZe Temperrr photo 4 SPEAKING ONLY PORTUGUESE FOR 24...

Who speaks Spanish and understands a little

by RXXSTER 2 months ago

I laughed so hard when Frazier was like: eh? Me gusta.

by Alessandro A 1 month ago

Love how Teeqo is like
“I can speak another language too”

I’m Swedish btw

by Mr.LightSite 1 month ago

Brasileiros vendo esse vídeo:


by Porto 1 month ago

Love how Teeqo speaks Swedish every time you’re speaking Portuguese

by Mr.LightSite 1 month ago

We just ignore why temperrr’s brother was spraying Alissa’s ass

by a-Xx_LA_FL4ME_xX 2 months ago

e eu que pesquisei “falando em português” em inglês pra ver se tinha algum americano ou sei lá falando português kkkkkkkkk

by Lara Sophia 2 weeks ago

Eu sou brasileiro e entendi tudo fds kkkk

Edit: tô vendo você usar o tradutor kkkk

by João Gabriel 1 week ago

is it just me or Tommy's brother looks like TSM Hamlinz?

by dynorx 1 month ago

When people say “don’t you mean Brazilian?” Smh

by Oliver Carlson 3 weeks ago

So we just gonna ignore that Alissa is at the FaZe House? Update: I watched the podcast and they are just friends trying to hang out again

by Hoodie Queen 2 months ago

When u went up to Kay and he started speaking Spanish 😂💀💀

by Chrishiian 2 months ago

Quando ele disse "isso filho de puta" morriiiiiiii kkkkkk

by Team Aloof 2 months ago

Jarvis looks like a little kid cus he’s playin the slide xd🤣

by WiN Gaming 1 month ago

Yo anyone that’s Hispanic here , do y’all understand most of the Portuguese language

by Jancarlos Castillo 1 month ago

Me :
Tommy : My filmer Noah
Rug : Noah , am i a joke to you

by Kedrick Leonard 2 months ago

Quando você fala português e não preciso ler as legendas

When you already speak Portuguese and you don’t need to read the letters

by No I Play 1 week ago

Let’s be honest, who thought of Hamlinz when you seen his brother

by Yng Skyz 2 months ago

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