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College Kids React To When Our Generation Gets Old And Hears A Throwback Song

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College Kids React to when our generations gets older and hears a throwback videos. Watch to see their reactions!
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#FBE #ThrowbackSong #KyleExum
College Kids React To When Our Generation Gets Old And Hears A Throwback Song

#kyle exum songs #kyle exum #College Kids React To When Our Generation Gets Old And Hears A Throwback Song #playboi carti #when ourgeneration gets old part 2 #roddy ricch the box #react #when our generation gets old and hears a throwback song #blueface #exum #when our generation gets old part 3 #kyle #dababy #college kids #fbe #thotiana #kyle exum parody #the box #parody song #college kids react

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by FBE 2 months ago

When we get to tell our grand children about the great Toilet Paper Famine of 2020. XD

by Libachus Studios 2 months ago

"Granpa, what did you listen to as a child?"
Me: plays wii music

by Seth Neally 2 months ago

Grandson in 2090: is it true we used to live on a planet called earth?
Me: yes, and it was beautiful.

by Harry Whitaker 2 months ago

“imma get cra-azy” it’s, IMMA GET LAZZZZZZYYYYYYY

by A-A RON 2 months ago

I’m not worried about becoming old in the future. I’m more worried about Youtube having triple ads.

by Spoolk Spilk 2 months ago

she tries to sing along to every song and doesnt know the lyrics

by Erick Carro 2 months ago

It irritated me when she said 'Imma get craaaaazy' since the line is Laaaaazy

by Rekkusu 2 months ago

“imma get craaazzyyy” who’s gonna tell her?😭🤦🏾‍♂️

by Lil Thraxx 2 months ago

It’s “Imma get Laaaaaaaazy”

Where did crazy come from lmao

by AlbinoWombato 2 months ago

Did she rlly just say I love Meghan when they played act up by city girls

by Vibez - 2 months ago

They act like boomers

by Moroiz 2 months ago

That is the most offensive thing I have ever heard

by Sol Ruelas 2 months ago

“Grandpa, have you ever been in a war?”

“Yes, yes I have.”

*b*tch lasagna plays in background

by Jackson Kim 2 months ago

she said "i love Meagan " THATS CITY GIRLS

by Kaleb McNeely 2 months ago

her: "I love Meghan"

"Act Up" by City Girls play

by Aloni B. 2 months ago

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