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Why Creed 2 Made You Cry

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Creed 2 develops Rocky 4's Ivan Drago so well you'll be tearing up by the end of his arc. There are spoilers towards the end, but don't worry. We give a warning in the video. Join us as we dissect Ivan Drago, his son Viktor Drago, and talk about why Florian Munteanu reminded us of Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs and why Viktor vs. Creed is like Magneto vs. Professor X. Don't forget to subscribe if you'd like to see more and tell us in the comments what parts of Creed 2 made you cry.
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Dude the look on viktors face when he sees that his mom had left him for a second time really hit me

by Joe Blogan 1 year ago

Am I the only one who think the drago should have there own spin off movie

by Eddy alvarez 6 months ago

Awww the scene that killed me was when Viktor saw the chair where his mom was sitting, was empty. You could see the pain in his eyes.๐Ÿ˜ญ This movie was awesome!!!!

by Dodger Rebel 6 months ago

I legitimately felt sorry for both Ivan and Viktor.

In the end, Ivan does what Rocky should have done for Apollo.

There is a deleted scene showing Adonis consoling Viktor in the locker room after the fight. Rocky and Ivan are in the room; they say nothing but they exchange nods of respect.

by TheSBleeder 10 months ago

Viktor didn't want this fight, all he wanted was a parent's love.๐Ÿ˜ญ

by Son Goku 1 year ago

I mean apollo was too cocky against ivan so I think he deserved losing but not dying

by EpikKelp 10 months ago

Ivan Drago is like Darth Vader, he gives his son a hard time but in the end he saves him...

by WayT101 1 year ago

It's the way Ivan's voice breaks when he says "It's ok" the second time. Gets me every time.

by wrlord 1 year ago

I creid at the very end when Adonis and his wife, kid, and rocky went to Apollo's grave I felt that

by Twitch_baseball 1 year ago

I remember โ€œIf he dies, he dies.โ€ Thank Goodness for the Father figure and trainer that Rocky became to Adonis Creed in addition to his stepmother . For all of the Drago sympathy, which I totally understand, itโ€™s still unfortunate that Adonis did not have or know his father. In the end, almost everyone reconciles their differences but Adonis (who is the true but brave victim) must still visit Apollo Creed at the cemetery

by Anna Renรฉ 1 year ago

Crazy how this movie has been out for so long and you are the only youtuber I can find thus far who dives into the positive representation of male emotion here. For an era of "woke" culture, no one can recognize how this movie dismantles old ideas of male strength and reinforces vulnerability and giving and receiving love and support. Great vid. Got a sub from me.

by Jon Salazar 3 months ago

Dragoโ€™s wife is a slllaaaagggg

by Joe Swain 1 year ago

Am I the only one who thought Ivan was going to leave his son when he started walking around the ring, right before they showed the towel?

by Jetfire97 1 year ago

The dude who plays Viktor Drago in Creed 2 should play Bane in the DCEU or Matt Reeves Batman film universe

by Dragon N Nelson 10 months ago

I see when rocky lose his money after rocky 4 adrian didn't leave him but when Ivan lose the fight ludmilla leaved him she didn't love him

by Luis the martial artist 1 year ago

Victor doesnโ€™t want to be a fighter he just wants his parents love

by Gang Sheet 8 months ago

"Ivan Drago went from premiere fighter, to abandoned dog with a puppy to take care of"

That shit hurt my heart man.

by RandomCrowbar 1 year ago

This movie should have been โ€œDragoโ€

by Rip Van Winkle 1 year ago

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