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The Herd | Colin "heated" Lakers and JR Smith finalizing deal, ready win a new NBA title with LeBron

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The Herd | Colin "heated" Lakers and JR Smith finalizing deal, ready win a new NBA title with LeBron
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Joy is looking good these days.

by Mixamaka 2 days ago

Troy Daniels is no longer on the lakers. Come on @Colin I am about to take your job if you don't tighten up!

by Michael Dunn 2 days ago

Daniels is gone and heโ€™s forgetting about Waiters Wooowww Colin your slacking

by HumbleLeader Freaky 2 days ago

First off, I think Rivera knows damn well Cam won't beat out Dwayne and it would be pointless to bring Cam in. Even Turner has been in love with Haskins since he worked in Michigan... Haskins is about to take a huge step. Ron knows that much.
Danny is big in big spots. I think he proved that in multiple Finals. Hes gonna set those feet catch and drop 3s like hes supposed to.

by TheTot Process 2 days ago

Colin be talking that bs and stay flip floppin

by Sant 2 days ago

So now he wants Bradley Beal, this dude canโ€™t win without 3 all stars. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by juanio 2 days ago

I really dont know why media like colin always try to diminish lebron teamates To make him great lebron is great and doesnt need that it really Shows this guys dont know what they talking about lakers were first in the conference and they just want To push the narrative that its just because of lebron bball is a team sports and even bron knows it i hate how this 24h cycle media is ruining my sports just talk about a player bron or a teams cowboys or jordan vs lebron to just make rating how are this guy getting paid milions and milions of dollars

by Amadou Sega Fall 2 days ago

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