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Cam Newton Patriots will win more games than Tom Brady's Buccaneers! NE 12-4

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Cam Newton Patriots will win more games than Tom Brady's Buccaneers! NE 12-4
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Fisk Vegas photo 1 Cam Newton Patriots will win... Fisk Vegas photo 2 Cam Newton Patriots will win... Fisk Vegas photo 3 Cam Newton Patriots will win... Fisk Vegas photo 4 Cam Newton Patriots will win...

Cam Newton plays in the AFC east & Brady plays in the NFC South??? CUT IT THE FUCK OUT!!! Cam by at least 3 wins

by Fisk Vegas 3 days ago

It’s going to be so beautiful to watch Ron Rivera and the deadskins along with the Panthers stink up the joint while my man Cam picks up where TB12 left off and that’s dominating with the patriots and the greatest coach of all time. I’m willing to give Brady the benefit of the doubt that he’ll have one last great year in his tank but after that it’s totally over and I don’t see him playing longer than two years this year and next year and then that’s it for Tom. Even if Tom does have something left, I fell he will not be given the best opportunity to use it because the Buccaneers have a terrible defense nonexistent running game and a horrible offensive line. Sure he’s gonna have a lot of weapons but what’s the point if he can’t get the ball off. Also Belichick and McDaniels will cater their offense for Cam, Ariens will not do the same for Tom and will be a career altering mistake.

by L.A. Gerola 3 days ago


by Karambite 3 days ago

Saints fan here Myron Hood I wanna let y’all know Cam was a problem for us everytime we played him even when we beat him he was very hard to tackle and then him being so great with the read option I remember in 2015 I was there in the dome with my dad and I really cannot lie Cam couldn’t be stopped he lead them to a game winning drive and beat us 41-38 and the game after his car accident he lit us up running and passing 5 days after the car accident and I will never forget the playoffs game in the dome in 2017 been following Cam since Auburn I will definitely be rooting for him make sure y’all subscribe to Cam’s YouTube because it’s lit whenever he post been subscribed to it since day 1

by Myron Hood 3 days ago

Patriots 6-10 before the addition of Cam Newton

Buccaneers 12-3-1 record
Patriots 9-7 record

Patriots ain't doing much 😂

Patriots schedule games
Bills (twice)

by Kerry Wooda 3 days ago

Cam going to patriots to end his career like ocho cinco good luck running there offense 1,2 read then run

by Javier 3 days ago

Oh so nooooooow you're saying something positive about the Patriots.

by Mark Layhee 3 days ago

Cam is the weapon. They gone short game and control clock like the Ravens last year. I see at least 10 wins

by DrGanja99 2 days ago

You was doing good until you said patriots to the SB 🤦🏾‍♂️

by Nicholas Alford 3 days ago

Pats ain’t going 12-4 stop it Fisk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

by Leeedy 1 3 days ago

Am getting a cam newton patriots jersey when it comes out I really looking for seeing his first game should be an easy dub because they’re facing the dolphins

by Michael M 3 days ago

Cam Newton, the new Sith Apprentice.

by The Sentinel 3 days ago

Cut the malarkey Fisk 🤦🏾‍♂️

by wydjohnny 3 days ago

Ah bruh the AFC starting to look like a powerhouse like the western conference in the NBA Mahomes,Watson,Jackson and Cam

by Lemarques Hicks 3 days ago

Patriots has zero weapons outside of Edelman

by Teddy Cox 3 days ago

Cam can stretch the field unlike a 40+ year old brady!!!

by Whereyahidin 3 days ago


by lil bb 3 days ago

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