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Film clips and audio-visual materials from Hamilton appear courtesy of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Nevis Productions, LLC and Disney.
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An unforgettable cinematic stage performance, the filmed version of the original Broadway production of “Hamilton” combines the best elements of live theater, film and streaming to bring the cultural phenomenon to homes around the world for a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience. “Hamilton” is the story of America then, told by America now. Featuring a score that blends hip-hop, jazz, R&B and Broadway, “Hamilton” has taken the story of American founding father Alexander Hamilton and created a revolutionary moment in theatre—a musical that has had a profound impact on culture, politics, and education. Filmed at The Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway in June of 2016, the film transports its audience into the world of the Broadway show in a uniquely intimate way. With book, music, and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and direction by Thomas Kail, “Hamilton” is inspired by the book “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow and produced by Thomas Kail, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeffrey Seller, with Sander Jacobs and Jill Furman serving as executive producers. The 11-time-Tony Award®-, GRAMMY Award®-, Olivier Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning stage musical stars: Daveed Diggs as Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson; Renée Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler; Jonathan Groff as King George; Christopher Jackson as George Washington; Jasmine Cephas Jones as Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds; Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton; Leslie Odom, Jr. as Aaron Burr; Okieriete Onaodowan as Hercules Mulligan/James Madison; Anthony Ramos as John Laurens/Philip Hamilton; and Phillipa Soo as Eliza Hamilton.
“Hamilton” premieres on July 3, 2020 around the world, streaming only on Disney+.

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Flicks And The City Clips photo 1 HAMILTON Disney Movie EXTENDED TRAILER... Flicks And The City Clips photo 2 HAMILTON Disney Movie EXTENDED TRAILER... Flicks And The City Clips photo 3 HAMILTON Disney Movie EXTENDED TRAILER... Flicks And The City Clips photo 4 HAMILTON Disney Movie EXTENDED TRAILER...

Just called my friends saying “ can’t come over July 3rd Imma be watching Hamilton over and over again”

by Luna gEn 6 days ago

Press F to pay respect to all of the Hamilfans who don't have access to Disney+ in their country.

by Tasha Glam 6 days ago

Disney really giving us these trailers as if we needed convincing to watch Hamilton

by JeIdA 6 days ago

I have no idea how they'll find a way to make a secret affair child-friendly enough for it to be on Disney+...

Edit 1: holy cow, 993 likes??! TYSM thats the most likes I've ever gotten :DDD

by Lucia Saavedra Molina 1 week ago

Someone: Musical trailer can't be epic
Hamilton trailer:

by Bookaholic 6 days ago

I'm a simple girl. I see King George, I click.

by Peachy Penguin 1 week ago

From the first song I fell in love with this musical, I would very much like to see this production live on stage, it's a pity I live in Russia (

by Lina Flower 1 week ago

It would have been even cooler if they ended with: “what’s your name man?” “Alexander Hamilton.”

by Samantha Coury 6 days ago

Y’all really marketing something that DOES NOT NEED MARKETING

by max ride 1 week ago

So am I the only one crying after watching this yeah? Okay imma head to the room where it happens alone then


by Anime forlife 6 days ago

I am still so pissed that I, among many other fans, waited so long for this to release only to get slapped in the face with a Disney+ exclusivity

by Twisting Dervole 1 week ago

Fun fact: Hamilton’s coat (green) and Jefferson’s coat (purple) are on opposite sides of the color spectrum. Huh.

by Sxnny_ Daes 6 days ago

Me: see Maria Reylonds
Me: oh god don’t tell me that say no to this will oh no poor child’s who will watch it

by Hola :V 1 week ago

I see Groffsauce, I click.
"A message from the King!"

by Pamela Mays 1 week ago

wait i love how this is like a real on-stage musical, not just a typical musical movie

by abcd efgh 6 days ago

Is it just me or am I rewatching everything about Hamilton just because it’s going on Disney+

by Doodle Doddle 6 days ago

All the good shows/movies come just around July 4. Last year it was stranger things. Now this.

by Madeline Applewhite 1 week ago

I hope someone really do publish the whole show in a good production for the ones who don’t have Disney+ i know it’s too much but, please? Ok, don’t mind it

by Keeping up with the Somirps 1 week ago

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