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Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix) [Official Video]

#Official Audio #Disclosure #Official Video #Flume Remix #Music
Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix) [Official Video]
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Flume photo 1 Disclosure - You & Me... Flume photo 2 Disclosure - You & Me... Flume photo 3 Disclosure - You & Me... Flume photo 4 Disclosure - You & Me...

Just imagine the production staring at them quietly while they're kissing lol

by Tony Pepperoni 9 months ago

One time, a long time ago, I met a woman at a party in the fleeing hours of the morning and she kissed me with the same intense passion and raw emotion that these two in this video share. I've never felt anything like that before in my life, and I've never felt anything like it again. I've done shit tons of drugs and partied like an animal in my youth, yet there is nothing that can compare to what she made me feel. It was like holding the sun in my hands while free falling through all of space. I never saw her again and I still always wonder to this day if it was actually real, if she actually existed, or if that memory was just something my brain created in a moment of ecstasy and bliss.

by Dalton James 3 months ago

They are kissing like it's the first and last time.

by Justice Served 5 months ago

This could be us, but I'm staying at home and self-isolating, and so should you.

by Mr.Zodiac 3 months ago

This could be us but I don't have the side profile for this

by milo milk 11 months ago

Who is Listening in June 2020?
This one is this really good music🙂

by Manuela Chimu 1 week ago

Well, i'll stay here in the comments until my mom stop being behind me

by Paul Marchi 7 months ago

2020! and still listening. Who's here?

by Cesar Mejía 5 months ago

their skin is so perfect and I'm sitting over here like a burnt chicken nugget

by Shay 1 month ago

im pregnant by watching this

by neva o 1 month ago

That moment when Peter Pan realized Tinkerbell was what he was looking for the whole time

by Eric Peru 3 weeks ago

am i the only one who cried knowing that i'll never get kissed like that lmao T - T

by ann_ika 3 days ago

When you see your girlfriend after isolation..

Oh wait I don't have one

by Thomas Roberts 1 month ago

watching the video
Me: … she have a really pretty nose😌

by Loulou 2 days ago

You just want to kiss someone after this vid. 

by TAL Yea 6 years ago

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