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Bannon reacts to Mnuchin's economic warning

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Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon on bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., holding China accountable for its handling of the coronavirus, economic recovery and how the outbreak will impact Americans and the November election..
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Fox Business photo 1 Bannon reacts to Mnuchin's economic... Fox Business photo 2 Bannon reacts to Mnuchin's economic... Fox Business photo 3 Bannon reacts to Mnuchin's economic... Fox Business photo 4 Bannon reacts to Mnuchin's economic...

Thanks you Steve for leading or being a frontliner in exposing the wrong doings of the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY.

by Jay-mer Aquino 2 weeks ago

Bring everything back to The USA

by Don Evans 2 weeks ago

Never vote for Democrats the betrayers who sold US to China Money!

by Alex Hughes 2 weeks ago

If we dont support America, who will?

by John Eder 2 weeks ago

We can manufacture our own drugs here in the USA.

by Susan Haidon 2 weeks ago

Steve Bannon is my man ! God bless

by Tony Antwan 2 weeks ago

Got to love Mr Bannon, a real straight shooter with facts .

by Killarney Fishing 2 weeks ago

Steve Bannon is a great patriot and a true hero. He is also a true friend of Chinese people, but enemy of CCP

by Grateful Heart 2 weeks ago

Wow! Sounds good. I hope manufacturing comes back. So important.

by Eric Swenson 2 weeks ago

Heard an interview with kyle bass and bannon. It was an hour long felt like 5 minutes bannon is whip smart

by tom harvey 2 weeks ago

Time to bring back our manufactures ! I miss anything "made in USA" ! CCP can't be trusted. Steve is one the smartest man that we have ! keep up the good spirit Steve.

by Joe Xman 2 weeks ago

The CCP has had their tentacles in our economy for decades and this has grown. Glad there are efforts to change this.

by Paul 48 2 weeks ago

I am starting to like this guy he knows what he's talking about

by Allen Sadicario 2 weeks ago

God Bless our President and you too Maria!

by Gary Edwards 2 weeks ago

Steve Bannon is on fire in this interview! Powerful points all the way through. A great American.

by Samuel Ross 2 weeks ago

Anyone who's a Democrat should rethink about his party. The Democratic party is the most corrupt set of individuals I have ever come to know in the history of the world.......

by skincolor tarkenmbeh 2 weeks ago

Great job today Steve on Mariaโ€™s show. You Explained everything perfectly. Right on point.

by Susan Haidon 2 weeks ago

Steve Bennon is a Great man ! You should always invite him !!

by ghassan kanaan 2 weeks ago

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