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Ingraham on Susan Rice: Obama's Super Swiffer

#ingraham #russia probe #ingraham tonight #susan rice email #News & Politics
Susan Rice's declassified email is reminiscent of her rescue mission after Benghazi. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle
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Fox News photo 1 Ingraham on Susan Rice: Obama's... Fox News photo 2 Ingraham on Susan Rice: Obama's... Fox News photo 3 Ingraham on Susan Rice: Obama's... Fox News photo 4 Ingraham on Susan Rice: Obama's...

Everything that Hussein Obama did George Soros was in on everything

by Steele Ingham 1 week ago

Susan Rice should be prosecuted on perjury; she lied under oath!!!
It is time to stop talking about it and start prosecuting these LIARS!!!

by Frederick Burns 1 week ago

The Democratic party is evil and a bunch of traitors.
The MSM are also very, very EVIL !

by BIG BEN 1 week ago

"Dirty" Rice needs to be investigated, indicted, prosecuted, sentenced, and jailed....BY THE BOOK!

by Pete A 1 week ago

That's interesting that she made the memo after she was no longer in office. It's an attempt to make it SEEM LIKE it was done on the up and up. TRAITORS

by Duane Bettger 1 week ago

โ€œthe book โ€œ was Rules For Radicals.

by Dewey Adams 1 week ago

I suspect Flynn was targeted because he knows something that the last admin has been keeping covered up.

by Kelly 1 week ago

The vile democrat Adam Schiff said that he had many clear evidences! But he NEVER showed one !

by BIG BEN 1 week ago

Susan Rice resume, Top Skills:
Lying on command.

by David A 1 week ago

Rice is such a mild-mannered person for a corrupt lefty snake.

by No,Isaidposse 1 week ago

They indeed did proceed "by the book", the book of unlawfulness.

by douglastt100 1 week ago

Sent myself an email to day, subject "Stayed at home, did not rob a bank " that will do it !

by Andy 1 week ago

โ€œBy the Bookโ€ = Communist Manifesto.

by DragonSlayer524 1 week ago

Time to fire all obumers left overs...

by Mike Smiths 1 week ago

Trump should bring Flynn back into the fold and let him clean up the FBI and whatever else has been going on in that quagmire

by Kelly 1 week ago

"I wasn't there,
I didn't do it,
That's my story and
I'm sticking to it."

by Alan 1 week ago

Crooks often run their business with 2 sets of books.

by Woopy 1 week ago

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