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Tucker: Is China too strong to criticize?

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While our leaders in Washington wasted years accusing each other of working for Russia, China grew more powerful. #FoxNews #Tucker
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Fox News photo 1 Tucker: Is China too strong... Fox News photo 2 Tucker: Is China too strong... Fox News photo 3 Tucker: Is China too strong... Fox News photo 4 Tucker: Is China too strong...

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” - United States President, Abraham Lincoln.

by Christopher 2 weeks ago

Voltaire: "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

by Håkon Tvedt 2 weeks ago

Who is left to fight for our country when our own leaders have abandoned us?

by John Doe 2 weeks ago

China and the anti American globalist are the enemies of America and the American people

by Frank S. 2 weeks ago

Look at our billionaires Bezos,the Waltons, Cook...all rich by selling us out to China

by stanley steamer 1 week ago

No, China is to rich to criticize. On the other hand, Russia is poor.

by C C 1 week ago

If China ever invades us we’ll just call them racist and hopefully they’ll turn around and go home

by R M 2 weeks ago

Better question might be, “Is China too corrupt to criticise?”

by J Michael 2 weeks ago

The amount of real estate china owns in our country is alarming.

by Samsonight33 1 week ago

China is going to "teach us Aussies a lesson" for daring to ask for an independent enquiry into the Wuhan virus.
They expect this to make us subservient to them.
They really don't understand us at all.
F China. 🇭🇲

by Jeffrey KRUPA 2 weeks ago

"I can't breathe, You knee in my neck." Salute to American Democracy and Human right!

by Daniel Lee 5 days ago

The Chinese government is the virus of the whole world!

by TOT TOT 2 weeks ago

Expose the traitors one by one and eliminate them permanently.

by Gemini Mushnik 2 weeks ago

I love watching fox. American news is like watching a soap opera.

by MsReallu 1 week ago

Did you guys read Hillary's emails? She essentially wants the US to be one huge wastebin.

by Catherine Jenson 1 week ago

lol :D

by Rapportus5 2 weeks ago

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