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Lit Yoshi Feat. Fredo Bang - Again (Official Music Video)

Fredo Bang photo 1 Lit Yoshi Feat. Fredo Bang... Fredo Bang photo 2 Lit Yoshi Feat. Fredo Bang... Fredo Bang photo 3 Lit Yoshi Feat. Fredo Bang... Fredo Bang photo 4 Lit Yoshi Feat. Fredo Bang...

I keep coming back to listen to this song and watch the video...who else???

by B-Double-E J.T 1 month ago

TBG has some crazy talented rappers just imagine if Quick & Gee was still alive straight pressure โ€ผ๏ธ....

by Ty' Gaskin 1 month ago

YOSHI IS TRENDING ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ Way better than bossie boy bee Yoshi the real head youngin

by alisuo toko 1 month ago

I remember saying lit yoshi would be more better if he puts more energy into his songs and it came true lol this is exactly what I meant ๐Ÿ’ฏhe went dumb and said it with energy

by John Bagz 1 month ago


by T2 Goat 1 month ago

"God is real.
God loves you.
God wants the best for you.
Believe that.
I do."

Chris Pratt

by Tithanhobit 1 month ago

Man I done watched this bih bout 80xโ€™s already

by fetty103 1 month ago

Who been a fredo bang fan since day โ˜๐Ÿพ

by willieLewis318 1 month ago

Yoshi donโ€™t drop music he drop confessions ๐Ÿ’€

by monika laosi 1 month ago

This dudes the type thatโ€™s laughing while heโ€™s wettin you up.

by TC Talk 1 month ago

Yโ€™all canโ€™t front lit yoshi went stupid

by BIGGG TRUSS 1 month ago

Most of the TBG gang are older people/Mature NBA is a bunch of little kids that like to be in the music videos flashing out guns thinking they got bodies/ thinking they about that life lol so funny I swear jajaja

by JayR TokeZ 1 month ago

Fredo you gotta push yoshi to stay in the studio he could be the next big out of all tbg

by javon hawkins 1 month ago

If you really think about it the only way BBG/NBA can slow down TBG is by getting feds involved lol the time lit yoshi got aressted someone from nba snitched which made tbgs block hot and had feds all over dem cause the shooting in Miami, BBG joes ear and nba KD and by making they block hot itโ€™s stops tbg from applying pressure and shooting at dem which gives nba/BBG a huge advantage to go an step which they did by knocking off dutch but in the real nba/BBg niggas looking soft lit yo-yo shouldnโ€™t have been aressted in the first place tbg takes Dey licks nba never lmao

by BIGGG TRUSS 3 weeks ago


Way better than bossie boy bee

Yoshi the real head youngin

by FTS Lucho 1 month ago

Fredo Bang was talking about BBG Nemo in his verses, LIT YOSHI was talking about Boosie and NBA YB and Boosie Boy Bee

by Leroy Brown 3 weeks ago

Listen too dis everyday til it get a million views

by Davante Watson 3 weeks ago

BLVD quick said TBG a problem in he was right

by alida flus 1 month ago

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