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Most Dangerous Ways To School | NICARAGUA | Free Documentary

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Every morning, the three sisters Julia, Yulissa and Kenya climb into their dugout in order to row to school. They live on the east coast of Nicaragua, one of the world’s poorest countries, and the youngest of them has just turned five; the oldest is nine. They row across the Rio Escondido. Not only is it one of the largest rivers in the country, it is simultaneously one of the most dangerous routes to school. While they have to watch out for snakes lurking in the trees over the river, the three sisters also struggle against the current and must ensure the dugout does not fill up with water - because it has multiples holes and could sink at any minute.
Other classmates do not necessarily have it easier, because they live far from the river, and their journey to school takes them through the deep jungle. One of these classmates is 11-year-old Greyven. His daily trip takes him through the so-called ‘snake field’, in which coral snakes and the infamous boa constrictor reside. On the way to school, the rain drives the snakes from the empty coconuts on the ground; on the way back the afternoon heat, which is over 35 degrees, means that they are lively and belligerent..
The daily journey – ashore and to water – to San Mariano’s small village school is an adventure almost unimaginable to us. Every time they undertake this trip, the children expose themselves to life-threatening dangers, all for the chance to have a better future.

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Help children in need here:
Many people from around the world have reached out to us and asked how they can help the children portrayed in the 'Most Dangerous Ways To School' documentaries. Since we sadly have no direct way to support the children or schools shown in those documentaries, we decided to set up a donation campaign with Aktion Deutschland Hilft, an alliance of German relief organisations providing rapid and effective aid in the case of large catastrophes and emergency situations worldwide.

by Free Documentary 1 week ago

And people complain about having to do online school in quarantine at home. Watch this and shut up.

by Vixikie 1 month ago

How can we help these children? Their lives and struggle shouldn’t just be entertainment for us.

by maininikira 1 week ago

These girls are going to grow up to be such incredible and strong women.

by Kaylie m 2 weeks ago

All I can say is that May GOD bless them with Protection and provision

by Emmanuel Wafula 4 weeks ago

This should be shown in every class across America so kids can see what the rest of the human family go through every day 🤔. Pay attention and open y’all eyes 👀

by Daniel Gibson 1 month ago

Dear God
I'm sorry for being ungrateful 🇬🇭

by Afua Opoku 7 months ago

I wish documentaries gave more information so that we can reach out and send things to help the people they film. They need to make sure they post they date/year it was filmed and an email they can be contacted at. I spent months tracking down a young girl from one doc only to find out she had passed. I have a big heart and things like that sadden me

by Taura Kimble 1 month ago

My heart breaks for these kids knowing my own kids have the luxury of a safe and convenient trip going to school. May God protect you always.

by Mia Jane Maravilla Locsin 1 week ago

The rich should spend here instead of buying luxurious homes and cars, because the live is short, give some happiness to needed people. These people are still happy with having nothing

by Altaf R Dubai 1 month ago

American children couldn't survive this type of living...

by Michelle Burch 3 weeks ago

I'm from nicaragua and I had to do somithing like this I had to walk very far away just to go to school and now I live in America and I have a career all because I wanted to learn. Very brave kids and hard working.

by Fabiana Guerra 4 years ago

My kids think they have it tough because they share a bedroom and I'm making them watch this

by Robert Reed 1 month ago

I had to stop Watching, is very heart touching, made me cry. Whoever was filming this i hope left those kids some money or food and not just filming to make a documentary. Please give us a happy update on these kids

by Vanessa Zav 1 month ago

Honestly I have no words, I sincerely hope these kids make thru the life and their dreams come true

by Kamal Rahman 4 weeks ago

I'm from North Borneo (today Sabah), East Malaysia. I grew up inside of Crocker Range area and basically interior area and hasn't electricity or treated water supply. In 1999-2002, I walked 10km to nearest school everyday. So, we started to walk from home by 05.30am and arrived to school before 06.40am. Sometime, don't go school during rainy season because we couldn't cross over the river.

Our family was very poor at the. Our parents can't afford to give money to buy food even 10 cents. I almost quit from schood due to life diffulties.

In 2010, I was enrolled to Malaysian top university and funded by government scholarship. Today, I'm working with one of Malaysian multinational company.

Dear young sisters and brothers, education is the most powerful weapon to change our life. Don't give up & always do your best. God bless, Immanuel.. ❤️

by AK Gilbert 1 month ago

I hope the crew filiming this bought the girls a boat.

by Jedi Karen 2 months ago

It's really scary seeing this little children passing through dangerous terrain, topography and environment . GOD please continue to protect and provide for this people. I will love to donate some dollars to support the education / welfare of this little saints / family. I am the Executive Director of a Non- Governmental Organisation ( N G O) in Nigeria . I wonder why the parents allow them to pass through all this .They should gave got an accommodation in a safe and secured environment. With love from Nigeria !

by Oluwabusola Ajayi 1 week ago

lord, forgive me for complaining about my life

by Toni b 2 weeks ago

Kenya, my country...my wish is, the girls to make it in life

by alfred ayomo 1 month ago

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