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Polo G "21" (Home Performance) | Open Mic

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Polo G is the most recent artist to grace the Open Mic At Home roster with a performance of his latest song, “21.” The song is produced by Khaled Rohaim and Keanu Beats and appears on his second studio album, 'THE GOAT.'
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Sounds exactly like the song, you can’t lie; one of the best songs of the album

by BK Koolio 2 weeks ago

“Genius should make a spotify with all the open mic songs”

by Thomas 2 weeks ago

He ain’t the 2nd Pac... he’s the 1st Polo G 💯

by Luke Walls 2 weeks ago

Polo g taking over, haven’t heard a bad song this guy is only 21 imagine in a few years from now 😳

by Im Mozyy 1 week ago

Polo‘s talent is unbelievable. He‘ll be in the Game for a long time.

by HYAC BEATS 2 weeks ago

He's 21 guys we need to protect him at all cost

by vQepz 2 weeks ago

Why is it like tjay use 98% atotune and polo use 2% this is not to roast

by ViletKo 1 day ago

“Can’t relapse of these drugs, man R.I.P. Juice”
R.I.P. Juice😭💔
Please protect Polo he’s the most talented rapper rn!🔥

by vluxFN 5 days ago

Who else been rockin wit polo g back in the time of finer things

by Truly Wavvy 2 weeks ago

““Can’t relapse off these drugs, man rip to juice We was tweaking off these Percs and I pop my last one with you” 🥶😭

by sikkdawgg 2 weeks ago

He’s doing this at 21 now he’s telling a story of life also while he’s rapping imagine he had a good story to tell when he was rapping let’s say 37 he be like the best rapper ever

Man he only said like basically three Cursewords

by Nick Games 1 week ago

Mans is unreal.. was playing a playlist in the background and didn't even realize it was life performance until I came to see more

by Austin Weir 2 days ago

I been on my grind every day, don't believe in takin' breaks
I ain't stoppin' 'til we chillin' at the top

I felt that💯

by Hectic PROYT 1 week ago

We not gonna act like polo G didn’t just drop the album of the year

by Hooded Legend 2 weeks ago

Really hoped juice and polo could do ‘Flex’ together at genius open mic

by King Philip 1 week ago

This guy no lie is one of the most talented artists I've ever heard. I mean how can this sound exactly like the album? The only difference I hear are a couple of breaths he takes because it's live. This shit is ridiculous.

by unclearsix 1 week ago

Polo G really one of the best out of Chicago, I remember the day bro got signed to Columbia shit went viral. He a motivating factor fasho.

by Zayy Marcel 1 week ago

“ we was taught to get it off the block” most meaningful thing i’ve heard yet

by Rowen Pedersen 4 days ago

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