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Can you beat Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty without losing a unit?

#sc2 campaign #wol #deathless #starcraft campaign #Gaming
I couldn't find evidence of anybody ever doing this before so.....World First?
I stream Thursday through Monday at 4.30-7.30 PM Pacific Time at Twitch.tv/GiantGrantGames
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Mission Timestamps.
00:00 - Intro
00:51 - Rules
01:19 - Liberation day
01:53 - The Outlaws
02:58 - Zero Hour
03:30 - Smash and Grab
04:43 - The Devil's Playground
06:26 - The Evacuation
07:24 - Outbreak
08:24 - Welcome to the Jungle
10:54 - The Dig
11:58 - Whispers of Doom
13:34 - A Sinister Turn
14:39 - Echoes of the Future
15:18 - In Utter Darkness
15:55 - Ghost of a Chance
17:39 - The Great Train Robbery
18:08 - Dead Man's Port
19:04 - Haven's Fall
19:58 - Engine of Destruction
21:01 - Media Blitz
22:17 - The Moebius Factor
24:03 - Supernova
25:54 - Maw of the Void
27:05 - Gates of Hell
22:13 - Shatter the Sky
29:11 - All-In
35:08 - Ending and Outro

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GiantGrantGames photo 1 Can you beat Starcraft 2:... GiantGrantGames photo 2 Can you beat Starcraft 2:... GiantGrantGames photo 3 Can you beat Starcraft 2:... GiantGrantGames photo 4 Can you beat Starcraft 2:...

"Did you win?"
"And what did it cost?"
"Well actually not that much, everybody survived"

by Steel Dom 3 weeks ago

"Historians assume the recorded numbers were greatly exaggerated"

by Sam-pie 3 weeks ago

"Assaulting Char is a suicide mission! You'd be putting all our lives on the line just to get your girlfriend back!" CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

by Violet_Xe 1 week ago

"The boys at the mineral line will never believe this" =D ahaha

by Matt Widuch 3 weeks ago

This has to be one of the craziest challenges I've seen someone do in StarCraft so far. GG!

by LowkoTV 4 weeks ago

The legendary conquest of Jim Raynor slaughtering legions of foes without loosing a single soldier will be remembered for all time.

by okupant880 3 weeks ago

this guy: quicksaves
AI player: well this can't end well.

by Sapeidra 3 weeks ago

"You can't do that, I'm supposed to have insane damage resist!"
"Haha, Sniper Rifle go brrrrrrrrrrrrr"

by Comrade 3 weeks ago

Marines: We're marines sir... we're meant to be expendable...
GiantGrantGames: Not to me!

by Bakudan Kame 1 week ago

Maybe the real "Liberty" was the units we saved along the way.

by Last Word 3 weeks ago

"3 Of you survived ? How ?"
"he skipped the cutscreen"

by Crz Show 3 weeks ago

When I saw the title, I thought, "Hm, could be possible on Easy, MAYBE on Normal." You did it on Hard. Great job, sir.

by Real Food Man 2 weeks ago

The realest part was when he got frustrated and A-moved and it somehow just worked

by BoB JoNeZ 1 month ago

the one playthrough when the general really DOES mean "We're bringing all our boys home"

by Zerginfestor HOTS 1 week ago

Quick tip for anyone trying this challenge: the Thorโ€™s 330m cannon can stun Kerrigan for a good 5 seconds, and chaining them together works like a charm

by Tucker Williams 3 weeks ago

You are basically the alien race from Edge of Tomorrow.

by David Barna 1 week ago

frantically writes in notepad, as the bunkers were dying "RULE: BUILDINGS DONT COUNT"
"Phew, that was a close call, got the rule locked in."

by Baleur 1 week ago

"In memory of those who gave their lives for our victory.... No? Ok..."

by Jeff Xie 4 weeks ago

Welcome to the next episode of "Where did quarantine brought me today"

Honestly I'm very happy I saw that. When I first saw the thumbnail I though this was going to be some kind of a joke, but the ammount of effort you've put into making this challenge work is incredible. I'm really glad I could witness something like this and I look forward to seeing if you really can repeat this in HotS!

by Michaล‚ Krupa 2 weeks ago

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