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(FREE) Roddy Ricch x Young Thug x Gunna Type Beat - "Prada" (Prod. Gibbo x Yung Swisher)

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Must Credit (Prod. Gibbo x Yung Swisher)

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(FREE) Roddy Ricch x Young Thug x Gunna Type Beat - "Prada" (Prod. Gibbo x Yung Swisher)

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Gibbo photo 1 (FREE) Roddy Ricch x Young... Gibbo photo 2 (FREE) Roddy Ricch x Young... Gibbo photo 3 (FREE) Roddy Ricch x Young... Gibbo photo 4 (FREE) Roddy Ricch x Young...

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by Gibbo 4 days ago

You have made an impact on some of us underground artist to practice and just be more creative thank you man

by Chris Ykay zm 2 days ago

This dope I hear that dancing like a stripper low key and I love what you did with it if you did sample it

by Marsh Meezy 4 days ago

Appreciate your attention to detail when it comes to arrangement and sound selection was on point
How long have you been doing this? I would assume you been at it for a while now.
I'm fairly new to the game tbh and would appreciate your feedback or support if you have the time :D
Earned yourself a new sub man - happy to see your journey to the top!
My goal is to hit 200 subs by the summer so would really appreciate it if you joined my journey too.
2020 is your year brother!


by SC Beats 4 days ago

I can definitely hear Roddy all over this one, dope beat

by Jah Noiz Music 4 days ago

listened to a llot of beats, but this one is unique man. All love 💯

by Jay Aston 3 days ago

this 808 just sounds so fire i see alot of producers using it now is it the spinz cos i can never get it to sound like this

by Keshxn 2 days ago

I’m in love with this thug vibes 😍

by Wunda 48 4 days ago

Keep the hard work up my g! Big inspiration for me and alot of people in this business. Your numbers are insane right now keep goin' hard!! <3

by Lil Keejz Beats 4 days ago

yung swisher start takin off the game

by GARA 3 days ago

⚡️That beat fyeee❌🧢🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡️⚡️

by Temi Akinola 4 days ago

Drums and 808s are amazing guys! Love the collab🔥🔥

by smilinbeats 3 days ago

You are really talented at makin these beatz bruh. I don't say that to everybody. Keep doin ur thang.

by Big Time 3 days ago

damn this fye🔥 you killed this track!!

by prod. Pons 4 days ago

BROO your 808's sound sooo damn good!🔥

by prod. purple 3 days ago

sounding clean afff bro! keep up the grindd 🔥

by soulblade 3 days ago

We need NBA youngboy type beats please 🙏🏻🙏🏻

by Evan Davis 4 days ago

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