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Global National: March 6, 2020 | How countries are dealing with the impact of COVID-19

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As new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 pop up in Canada, the federal government is promising to spend $27 million on coronavirus research projects. David Akin looks at the questions scientists hope to answer with that funding.
Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau is promising financial support for Canadians who are likely to face economic hardships due to the spread of COVID-19. Mercedes Stephenson looks at Morneau's promise, and how this infection could affect the upcoming federal budget.
As the U.S. faces supply problems with coronavirus testing kits, 21 people on-board the Grand Princess cruise ship, which is stranded off California's coast, now have COVID-19. As Jackson Proskow reports, U.S. President Donald Trump has signed an emergency bill to tackle COVID-19 despite downplaying the outbreak.
Thousands of refugees remain in limbo at the border between Greece and Turkey, where they travelled to after being told they'd be allowed to enter Europe. As Crystal Goomansingh explains, rejected by both countries, the refugees are being met with what aid agencies are calling violations of human rights.
Taiwan has reported at least 45 COVID-19 cases, a relatively low number considering the country's proximity to the Chinese epicentre of the outbreak. Heather Yourex-West reports on how Taiwan was able to defy the odds by using data.
Henri Richard, a pillar of the Montreal Canadiens and considered to be one of the greatest hockey players of all time, has died at the age of 84. The former captain of the Habs, who was known as the Pocket Rocket, won 11 Stanley Cups during his career. Mike Armstrong looks back on this hockey legend's life.
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It's unbelievable that people still would go on cruise ships.

by anmonliv 2 months ago

When are they going to shut down cruises?!

by Deserie Drew 2 months ago

Can anyone explain why a recent Vancouver sporting event with 70,000 spectators wasn’t cancelled?

by Robert Dobie 2 months ago

I live in Daegu South Korea and have been posting videos on the coronavirus here. Stay safe everyone!

by LAUGH LOGICALLY 2 months ago

"trace her contacts from the last two weeks... " what a joke. This is not rapid response. Rapid response is closing down schools, have mandatory monitored quarantine procedures, travel bans, etc. Good luck. The government is not responsible for your well-being, you are. Use your own judgement and take your own actions.

by yondaime hokage 2 months ago

How to prevent more Covid-19 cases? Start with closing the border with the US, or the rest of the world for that matter. This should have been done weeks ago. Now it's probably too late as there is evidence of community transmission.

by Francis Major 2 months ago

It’s annoys me how behind the news is. The USA doesn’t have 270 cases they are well past 330

by Jason Gooden 2 months ago

How can Ontario say it's contained without any mass testing.. This is all lies.

by The Truth 2 months ago

This women's mother is just one of many not being tested, so she will not be counted. How many more like this? (Test her mother)

by rod harris 2 months ago

I’m sick of our governments’ underplaying of the devastation of this disease - all because they’re not prepared. Tell us the truth so we’ll stay at home. Five to six weeks of cross-border traffic between Washington State and British Columbia have ensured that the Washington outbreak is firmly established in BC, whether it’s evident today, or not. You convince me that thousands of daily contacts haven’t resulted in spread. Then convince me that masks keep our healthcare officials safe, but they don’t do a damned thing for us.

Our governments have failed - not by failing to keep us safe from this virus, but by failing to provide us with accurate information so that we can prepare ourselves for the inevitable quarantines our communities will need to undergo to prevent spread of disease. “When I’m prepared, I don’t need to panic.” Our governments should learn from that old saw.

by Cannabliss Edibles 2 months ago

When China uses the same tech to track coronavirus cases, it’s violating privacy. When other countries follow what China have been doing, it’s breaking technology.

by Nanosh N. 2 months ago

While Covid spreads, Wars still go on. The world😔

by Mc Quinoa 2 months ago

Did they just admit they dont know how long it survives on surfaces?

by Clare Poirier 2 months ago

If the same thing happens in China and we have a video for it, the entire comment section will be about how CCP is suppressing people and hiding the truth. "We don't do that", now that's one way to limit the confirmed cases. Even for people who has died, if we don't know if they are infected, then we can't decide on what to do with people who has came into contact with them before or after the death (not sure about this, while unlikely, but probably possible to get infected by the body)

by kajls 2 months ago

Where are the refugees getting those expensive motorized rafts from?

by Jason Gooden 2 months ago

Budget in the next few weeks.. mean while COVID19 doubles in numbers every 2.4 days. See ya!

by L V 2 months ago

Drinking game: Have a shot every time someone says the word “detailed” .

by Katherine W 2 months ago

“We’re taking active precautions “
This corrupt politician is a joker.
Lets create a Coronavirus committee to talk about it, so we don’t offend China, Iran, WHO, and UN.

by dh3758 2 months ago

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