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Chloe Bailey (Chloe x Halle) is dating Diggy Simmons! + Posts REVEALING photo!!

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Hey babies!
So it seems like Chloe from Chloe x Halle is dating Diggy Simmons! In the midst of the rumors, she posts a revealing photo on her instagram feed. Tune in to see what all the talk is about!
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GoldenBaby photo 1 Chloe Bailey (Chloe x Halle)... GoldenBaby photo 2 Chloe Bailey (Chloe x Halle)... GoldenBaby photo 3 Chloe Bailey (Chloe x Halle)... GoldenBaby photo 4 Chloe Bailey (Chloe x Halle)...

She was in the gym.
I'm so shocked that people are overreacting to her workout pics.
Come on now

by Dre Day 5 months ago

Honestly I think Chloe (especially) and Halle have been wanting to shed the “innocent” thing and come into their womanhood a lil bit

by Its Mags 8 months ago

I hope he treats her right if they are dating

by Ramona Javier 8 months ago

I honestly believe that episode of grownish where Chloe’s character wanted to be more womanly and her sister character wanted to stay reserved has some truth to it. Chloe has a banging body and is of age and I think she wants to embrace it. I hope her and Diggy are together and he treats her right. They give me a cute respectable relationship vibe like Ryan Destiny & Keith Powers. No one says she can’t date and still have a great musical career.

by Summer Lee 7 months ago

The girl was in workout clothes, ppl need to get a life

by cylendrea walker 5 months ago

She’s fine as hell. People are jealous

by Tolu S 5 months ago

That pic was still classy tho

by RR 5 months ago

Boy they need to stop it. It looks like she just got from the gym and she’s posting her gains. Regardless of the situation at hand women post pictures way more revealing so get off my girl.

by HEYTHATSJD 5 months ago

Lovvvvee these girls. I wish grownish was more about them. And hey if I cant have diggy Simmons lol😂 I'm glad chloe got him with her gorgeous self !

by Matu Hari 5 months ago

Man these are young adults, they are going to spread their wings at some point.

But damn Diggy has grown into such a handsome young man

These girls are so natural man I love their hair, they are so refreshing I love these girls

by LaCrystal Martin 5 months ago

I've loved Diggy for a long time, but I wouldn't mind if Chloe got with Diggy. I love Chloe x Halle

by Deborah Tulloch 6 months ago

Diggy is a Fine young man and she is super beautiful so I say go for it.

by Teasha Stewart 5 months ago

They have A LOT of chemistry on screen, I’m kinda hoping it’s true.

by Dawni Ray 5 months ago

Y’all do realize actors who play as bf and gf have to spend time together outside of work for tv chemistry right?? It happens all the time.

by Darlicia TV 3 months ago

“Never too much cleavage, or cheekage” I’m gonna use that now lol

by Appetite 4 Chic 5 months ago

How they no they on a date why they can’t just be two friends out eating

by Dominique king 4 months ago

Damn sis body is banging!!!

by Natasha 5 months ago

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