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Gordon Furious When He's Served RAW Lamb & Half a Cake | Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsay photo 1 Gordon Furious When He's Served... Gordon Ramsay photo 2 Gordon Furious When He's Served... Gordon Ramsay photo 3 Gordon Furious When He's Served... Gordon Ramsay photo 4 Gordon Furious When He's Served...

Me: that doesn’t look to bad

Ramsay : disgusting

Me : disgusting

by Samson 123 10 months ago

I can’t blame that chef for being on his phone all day, no customers are coming in. He doesn’t have anything to do all day

by Ham4BeansX 1 month ago

"If you're not happy with your work environment, you should leave." - That's like the motto of incompetent managers.

by Rafael Corrêa 2 weeks ago

Gordon: There is hope.
Owner: That is not made here.

by Vinko Stipetić 1 month ago

The owner looks punchable even if he doesn't do anything.

by Coffee 2 weeks ago

The owner looks like he doesn’t care that you broke your elbow

by Kid Cliff 8 months ago

Me: that cake looks so good wow!

Gordon: mmm. This is quite nice, it has hope!

Owner: sadly, it’s store bought.

Me: BOI-

by ꧁ L e m o n x T r e e s ꧂ 1 month ago

I'm impressed that Chef Giulian stand up for himself to the delusional owner

by Suprised Pikachu 1 month ago

owner: cuts cake in half

Ramsay: i want my other half

also Ramsay: takes one bite...

by Danish Khan 1 month ago

Owner: This food isn’t to my satisfaction


by Daniel Dai 1 month ago

Owner looking like he’s not allowed within 100 yards of a school

by CuppaT 7 months ago

The owners face is looking as annoying as his personality

by Madhih Ibrahim 2 weeks ago

I sincerely hope that chef finds a better job. He looks calm but you can see the stress in his eyes.

by Wattson 1 week ago

“We just lost our last chef..”

“Why, why’ed the chef leave?”

“... I’m suppose to tell you the truth right..?”

Well Gordon wouldn’t particularly want a lie would he??

by SuperMarioKai 3 weeks ago

“Like store-bought?”
“Like through one of our purveyors.”
Me: so store bought?

by TooManyChxins_Liki ____ 1 month ago

The owner has a face that screams “I own large amounts of child pornography”

by rob1811 5 months ago

“ you can’t put 2 crab cakes that are half size of testicles”- Gordon Ramsey 😂😂😂😂

by electricplane526 1 month ago

The owner looks like he's had multiple run-in's with Chris Hanson.

by Anthony Freeman 1 month ago

Gordon Ramsay: *Enters a resturaunt*

The chefs: Current objective, SURVIVE.

by Comrade Noah 3 weeks ago

To be honest, I just come here to see him shout at bad owners

by Jonathan Price 3 weeks ago

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