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I am 85 years old and this song rings so true. When you are young you think that you will live forever, that you will keep your youthful looks and healthy body. For those who do manage to keep their good looks beyond that certain age, and to maintain an active life, I envy you. I did all of the right things over the years. Competitive swimming, weight training, boxing, tae kwando, rock climbing, mountaineering, long distance walking and served with the Royal Marines. I also followed a very healthy diet. Now I am hampered by poor circulation in both legs due to DVT and I have lived with lymphoma since 2012. On the occasions when I am able to visit the pubs and cafes I used to visit with my friends I can sit at the same table around which we would spend many happy hours. Sadly, the other chairs are empty. All my friends have now gone before me, save for one who is confined to a wheelchair and I see only rarely. Time has passed so quickly but my memories haven't faded. I can see their faces and hear their voices and their laughter. I can remember my first love from when we first met to when we sadly had to part because her family were moving back to their roots in Hartlepool. I look in the mirror now and see a face so different in every way from how I looked then. In my head I am the same person but just a lot wiser. My body just an old banger really. I look back at my young days in the sun. Mostly happy some sad but all grist to the mill that has made me who I am today. I look back to those days with great fondness because yes for me the 50s and 60s were the days. Now I live for the present and enjoy what I can of it. For the future, I do not dwell on it. The candle must be getting ever closer to the end of its wick. I don't worry about it; one day it will splutter and go out. I shall leave with few regrets as to how I have lived my life. To today's young I say, seize the day, wring everything you can out of it. That day only comes once in your lifetime.

by mike04535 1 week ago

Shouldn't an old woman sing this? She's too young for that old people lyrics.

by Blue C 1 day ago

At 80 years old lots of my friends are gone.Enjoy them while you can.

by Claude Delamarter 3 days ago

Inside of every old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened.
Tempus Fugit indeed.

by Ace Moonshot 3 months ago

When I was 28 this song came out now I'am 78. Sounds better and true'er now then then.

by David Bokanoski 1 year ago

When my friends were in our early 20s we would sit around in the bars bull-shitting about nothing of importance. When the old people (me now) would come in all they would talk about was the aches and pains. We would sit there and laugh amoung our selves about their conversations. Now what few of my friend that I have left when we go out and hit a bar now and then that's all we talk about is our aches and pains. I'm 73 still ride a motorcycle, but not as much and still going out once and a while for a drink. Not as much fun as it was 50 yrs ago but I'm still here to type this message. So from and old coot to you younger ones out there, enjoy yourself just don't cause someone else pain.

by Ron Norris 1 month ago

When I was young, I believed getting older only happens to other people, no joke!

by Tilo Klaas 3 months ago

I am 71 years old I lost my best friend of 48 year's a few weeks ago this song reminds me of when we're young and so full of life xxx

by Pamela Snell 2 months ago

when you're young, you don't ever think you'll be older.  then one day you realize life is almost over.  where did it go?  then you sit down and think, yes it was a really good run and listen to this song again.

by e.a. foster 3 months ago

This would be a great song to sing in unison at a bar while Coronavirus rages.

by nature freak 2 months ago

fun fact for you: Mary was only 18 when she sang this masterpiece.

by Brock Anderson 1 month ago

I’m a child of the ‘60s and this is THE sound of the Sixties. God bless Mary Hopkin. Xxx

by Thomas Tidswell 2 months ago

I was 17 as was the the girl I met then, we where married for 46 years sadly she passed on but this song lyrics was what we felt. She was a wonderful person, we loved this song.

by Thomas Keogh 11 months ago

I'm 18 years old and I can feel the pain right now listening to this masterpiece. I wonder how much it would hurt when I grow old and listen to the same song.

by Yash Pundir 3 months ago

E' la versione inglese di una canzone russa "Dorogoi dlinnoyu" (Per la lunga strada).

by Luciano Amici 1 month ago

My grandmother was moved into an assisted living facility in her 80s, when it was time for her to start taking it easy and relaxing. My last breakfast with her before she passed away was at the facility. They decided to bring in a DJ that played popular songs from her younger days, and this was one that she could still recall. I’ll always associate this song with that memory.

by Kyle 2 weeks ago

"By the long road" is a Russian romance written in 1924 by Boris Fomin (music) and Konstantin Podrevsky (words). The earliest recordings of the song were made by Alexander Vertinsky (1926) and Tamara Tsereteli (1929).
Since the second half of the 1920s, in Paris, among Russian exiles, the romance was constantly performed in the restaurant of Nastya Polyakova.

American architect, writer, and musician Eugene (Gene) Ruskin, whose parents were from Russia, wrote new English words to the slightly modified melody of the song "By the long road" and recorded it in 1962 under the title "Those Were the Days". In the same year, the song was released by the American folk trio "the Limeliters" on the album "Folk Matinee". In 1964, Ruskin's performance at the Blue Angel club in London was heard by Paul McCartney, who four years later chose "Those Were the Days" for the debut single of 18-year-old Welsh singer Mary Hopkin.
Russian singer Alexander Vertinsky recorded the song several times in the 1920s and 1930s. There is a version accompanied by the orchestra of Lonel Bagheak, released on Columbia Records. There is also a version recorded with the orchestra of the Warsaw recording company Syrena-Electro in 1932.

by Fancy Box 3 months ago

in 1968.I was 18. passing by the Ah Chai icecream store in Assam Kumbang Taiping. stopped to hear this song from juxbox.put in 10.cent in the slot for a song and ordered a cup bowl of ice kachang enjoying both the song n icekachang.n it stuck my memory since then.50 yrs passed.felt like just happened yesterday fresh in memory.oh God my good friends,peers,house mates all returned.what left of me just a memory to 69.

by osman wahid zainal abidin 1 year ago

Today, March 19, 2020, this song is especially haunting. I'm 60 years old, and I know that we're living in times that history books will write about, and the thing is, we don't know how it's going to end. Right now, prayer is our best option.

by Rose Ringer 2 months ago

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