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My TIKTOK Clan vs FAZE Clan in Fortnite...

GrantTheGoat photo 1 My TIKTOK Clan vs FAZE... GrantTheGoat photo 2 My TIKTOK Clan vs FAZE... GrantTheGoat photo 3 My TIKTOK Clan vs FAZE... GrantTheGoat photo 4 My TIKTOK Clan vs FAZE...

No but highsky sounds like the guy who sing I'm a gummy bear

by FaNe Cłan 3 hours ago

No one:
Nut: I was doing the Coach McDuire strat

by DwY YT 4 hours ago

"If u dont kill this get ur dumb"
He literally gets pickaxed to him like wth...?

by Baby Lily 3 hours ago

“You’d think I would lose to FaZe... OneSky” 🤣🤣

by Powe FC 2 hours ago

Ursalty: "Bro your so trash"
Grant: Where r you!
Also ursalty camps in triangle and still gets killed

by SF FishyBoii28 3 hours ago

"He shook me down"
"WaLL HaCkS???"

by Mystic 2 hours ago

. Ur salty nut says he’s good meanwhile he is camping in a cone

by Zodiac ツ 3 hours ago

I like how grant is milking content off ursalty clan😂😂🤣

by BurntTamales 3 hours ago

“Ur brain is so small” doesn’t know how to take his gun out even tho it says how to

by Cristian Cabrera 2 hours ago

Ursalty Nut: Your so bad!!!!

H1ghsky1: no scopes him

Ursalty Nut: AM LAGGING!!!!!!!

by Xylx 3 hours ago

I can see grant tilting it’s so funny he’s trying to hold himself

by Vurboi 1 hour ago

The funny thing about this video is the perfectly cut screams

by Alex Gonzalez 3 hours ago

“Bro ur getting destroyed” him dying with a pickaxe

by Cristian Cabrera 2 hours ago

Highsky: I don’t wanna talk in the presence of bots

by IonicFNRL 35 minutes ago

bruh I laughed so hard XD

by David Ray 4 hours ago


Clickbait: hippity hoppity this video is how my property

by Drip JJ 3 hours ago

grant: if you don’t like in the next 5 seconds you’ll dye off spawn the net 10 games.
viewers : wHaT iF i DoNt PlAy FoRtNiTe. dude nut is garbage, wait that doesn’t sound right🤫

by Farah Moughnieh 2 hours ago

That guy is so bad. I started playing pc a month ago and I’m so much better.

by B3ASTRay_YT 3 hours ago

I swear this stuff with the “tiktok” clan is all fake bruh

by Whizlol_ 32 minutes ago

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