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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 22 - BUILDING THE GRUMBOT!

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 22 - BUILDING THE GRUMBOT! Grian and Mumbo decide they don't have a plan. So they agree to make something to give them a plan..
#hermitcraft #minecraft

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This is even better than everything I imagined you would do with the belts

by Yfébo Anvakenss 1 week ago

If mumbo becomes mayor you should make the “mumbo Jumbo AFK” song the national anthem

by Spud Man 5 days ago

the first 10 seconds:
'ooh he's gonna get red, gonna get red, gonna get- bamboo?'

by Allayna Groove 6 days ago

Someone in my class screamed MUMBO FOR MAYOR in the zoom call

by Ender Mine 6 days ago

Copy and paste this on the hermit's videos
To everyone reading this, even though you like mumbo and grian, please dont be toxic to the other hermits. On false video, where she runs for mayor, there were hundreds of comments saying that they'll unsubscribe if false is mayor and that false only has 300k subs and some people were even swearing at her and saying that noone likes them.even though she was just running for mayor. Same in joehills and stressmonster comment sections. STOP THE TOXICITY.

by GRAHAM MILLER 3 days ago

Can we just all agree that this was the best intro ever.

by GekkieLenny 1 week ago

Hermits: Lets make Doors out of water so grian does not steal them

Grian: how about i do It anyways

Also, that was good but he still needs to snap the LAG out of the server as only the doors are gone for now

by Enzo Luiz 4 days ago

”American pain is a crayon to a winner”

-English auto generated sub-titles, 2020

by Younge weedwacka 6 days ago

"What a great view this is!"
immediately builds a big giant thing directly in front of it

by Debatra 5 days ago

when you break a door. Ajungle spawns... Grian has turned one door to a giant jungle

by Kaswreyhen6 6 days ago

Later in the season you should make a shop that sells everyone’s doors

by Colin. 1 week ago

Grian: the base isn't quite finished yet.
Me:that's a masterpiece.

by video pickle 6 days ago

I feel like Grian has forgotten about Tag 2: Electric Boogaloo

by Henry Holcomb 2 days ago

Half the doors on the server: “Grian should have killed us all.”

by BitterBlue Skull 2 days ago

"The poster is the plan"
"There's no plan there"
How naive Mumbo is. He has fallen for Grian's ruse. Grian's true plan is to install a puppet government by being the only voter. Grumbo was just a distraction from the political instability of Hermitcraft. Someone must save the democracy of Hermitcraft.

by TheImperator 19 5 days ago

I just want to say that Hermitcraft puts the M in SMP. Unlike most servers I’ve seen there is a truly awesome community. This whole mayor campaignidea is complete genius in terms of the content it provides all the Hermits and the enjoyment that it provides the viewers. No other server could have thought of and run with this idea so smoothly. Harassing people based on this is counterintuitive to what Hermitcraft and Minecraft stand for. We’re all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Honestly watching all the creativity, amazing builds, and humor that has spawned from this mayor race is 1000 times better than the election and the winner. And whoever wins will do a great job because all of these Youtubers are fantastic and talented people!

by itsjustdrew 4 days ago

Who else thinks that Grian should join a modded SMP?

by Spark Gacha 5 days ago

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