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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 39 - DIAMONDS AND CHALLENGES!

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 39 - DIAMONDS AND CHALLENGES! Grian has a mission for minecraft diamonds on the hermitcraft server and during the mining for diamonds, he gets challenged by the game that makes no sense
#minecraft #hermitcraft

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Grian photo 1 Hermitcraft 7: Episode 39 -... Grian photo 2 Hermitcraft 7: Episode 39 -... Grian photo 3 Hermitcraft 7: Episode 39 -... Grian photo 4 Hermitcraft 7: Episode 39 -...

Grian: proposes a mayor to clean shopping district

Also grian: putting mycelium on shopping district

by Joshua Ciriaco 3 hours ago

chicken: do it one more time!

grian: NO! kills chicken

grian: gets 7 stacks of diamonds


by Coconut Kid Gaming 3 hours ago

When your base is so big you cannot notice a gigantic charrot in the middle of it.... thatโ€™s when you know you are on the hermitcraft server.

by Icy Fire 3 hours ago

The Mycelium Resistance. I hope this doesn't turn into a Hermitcraft Season 6: Area 77 thing

by Aidan Bowers 1 hour ago

โ€œAm I missing something?โ€ Literally standing below huge charrot.

by Blue Spinarak 1 hour ago

Grian: calls chicken a parrot

The holy spirit of Mumbo: YEEEeeeeeeEEeeeesssssSSSsssss

by Dragon Master 1 hour ago

Bless that one chicken who gave her life so you could get the omega jackpot โค๏ธ

by Arnav Rathi 2 hours ago

Grian: "look at the parrot"
Me: "no, it's a charrot!"

by Lewis McGregor 1 hour ago

I Still Remember when the barge was like 5 burnsticks and a flag

by Fox_fireYT 1 hour ago

I've been waiting for this after watching mumbo

by drew 3 hours ago

I love how Grian sees all the challenges and just accepts them.

This is my life now.

by N Keller 3 hours ago

I can see the civil war starting because of this mycelium resistance

by Rendouz Serrano 2 hours ago

Mumbo: Is this a burnstick?

Grian: Yes.

Also Grian: Can anybody tell me how hermit challenges work?

by Diptangshu Dey 3 hours ago

Me yelling at the TV: โ€œlook up, for the love of got look upโ€
Grian continues looking at everything but the charot

by Skatebob23 // 3 hours ago

That my friends, is the definition of gambling addiction. XD

by Braedyn Howard 2 hours ago

Ah I'm sorry for my OCD, but Grian, your barge is missing a fence post.

by Faith Yip 3 hours ago

Grian: No more of that game.

Does one more attempt and gets jackpot. ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Riptide Official 2 hours ago

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