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YGG w/ DJ Kirby T - Grime Sessions

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Grime Sessions - YGG w/ DJ Kirby T
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Grime Sessions photo 1 YGG w/ DJ Kirby T... Grime Sessions photo 2 YGG w/ DJ Kirby T... Grime Sessions photo 3 YGG w/ DJ Kirby T... Grime Sessions photo 4 YGG w/ DJ Kirby T...

Yesss. We need World Domination 2.

by ji_ 2001 11 months ago

these lot are my favourite crew in grime, what a sick set! YGG always killing it on sets .. Kirby & Olos with the mad selections👏🏼💯

by Jordan Marshall 11 months ago

Saint P sounds better when he doesn't strain his voice as much. Sounding good here 👍

by Silen Circle 11 months ago

LoooooooooL My Guy with the Flying Wheel Up

by Dominic Caton 11 months ago

i dont know how they do it, just make it look easy

by fruitb0y 11 months ago

SAINT P! Man have been waiting for you bro! 😂 on a real though he needs to find the same kind of hunger that Pk got

by Danny Brown 11 months ago

"Moving pacey...Leon bailey" - Strally

by Akil Scott 10 months ago

I was doing Monday Bun day, then it was Tuesday Zoot day!!! L Strally ukno!

by EclypseDubz 11 months ago

When Saint P said "copyright that one", was that a shot at Yizzy, who walked in just before?

by Lee J 7 months ago

Gash by the hour refix is mental! 😏

by Grim Head 11 months ago

had me shaking my left toe stil

by 8Baby8Face 11 months ago

Strally took this one for me madness on mic

by TL YT 11 months ago

anyone catch the yizzy diss after he walked in? Lol

by PyroJoe 11 months ago

YGG’s grime sets get me gasssssed, got me in the gym wanting to take peoples head tops off

by sillywilly307 11 months ago

Screw face through the whole set.

by Akil Scott 11 months ago

Big up Kirby T on the selection

by Gokule 11 months ago

Someone get L Strally some Vaseline

by Gokule 11 months ago

This new setup is good. YGG's best set in a while too.

by Alex Popowski 8 months ago

Saint! He's alive! Thank god

by cutts127 11 months ago

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