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10 Cool Gadgets from Aliexpress

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Welding Pen Burner Blow Torch 1300 Degree:https://bit.ly/2U6Zmmu
MQ-9 carbon gas sensor:https://bit.ly/2WeTSZx
USB Digital Microscope:https://bit.ly/33oC93w
Screwdriver Set 25 in 1 :https://bit.ly/3d6Kz43
AA USB battery :https://bit.ly/3aWHhy9
usb doctor:https://bit.ly/2WgR1zo
otg cable:https://bit.ly/2WcizWx
400 in 1 Game console:https://bit.ly/3am4l9c

#aliexpress gadgets

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by Hacktuber 3 months ago

That is a different microscope, it has Bluetooth, the first one is only usb

by Rodney Garcรญa 3 months ago

Oh GOD, how much you reminded me of my childhood, haaaaaaaah great times.

by Mahmoud Ajjan 3 months ago

"wrong, wrong, right"

by RimWulf 3 months ago

USB Quantum Superposition

by TanK 3 months ago

That's not true! I've got the same thingy and pac-man formula 1 and some other games are repeating 3 times!

by CiscoEngry720 1 week ago

Oh I thought this was a trending video,its just a new video. Should have clicked earlier,but 56 views is good for me.

by Chef Boyardee 3 months ago

Could you please publish a video how to build the power thing you used in this video? With thee see through case...
How does the wiring diagram looks like and what electronical components you used inside?
I would like to build such a power bank for +- 5 volts....

by Michael B. 2 months ago

Still ordering from china??curious about ur response don't take me wrong .

by makers _ arena 3 months ago

Do you have a tutorial for build a power bank as the one you use to test the gas sensor? Looks cool.

by Rafael M Martinez 2 months ago

Buenos gadgets.
Gracias amigo , saludos.

by Enrique Kohn 3 months ago

No Battle Toads?

by Mr Dad 3 months ago

min NICE DELIVERY :rofl::joy::grin::rofl::joy::grin::rofl::joy::grin::joy::rofl:

by krizz rojas 2 months ago

ะšะขะž ะ ะฃะกะกะšะ˜ะ™? ะ›ะะ™ะš

by AWEN 3 months ago

I've seen these items but can't buy cuz of the virus :(

by PROXYhx 3 months ago

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