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16 Amazing Gadgets from Aliexpress

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this is not paid ad for products, there is no links,I bought my gadgets.
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Hacktuber photo 1 16 Amazing Gadgets from Aliexpress Hacktuber photo 2 16 Amazing Gadgets from Aliexpress Hacktuber photo 3 16 Amazing Gadgets from Aliexpress Hacktuber photo 4 16 Amazing Gadgets from Aliexpress

protip: when you speed up hand shot (without image stabilization) footage .. it will look like crap ...

by Erhan Hosca 2 months ago

That AA battery phone charger is fake. Two AA batteries produce 3 volts, and a phone requires 5 volts to charge. Even if they would pack a voltage step-up converter, it would charge at maximum 5%, not even mentioning that a phone needs 500 miliamps of current minimum to charge. Those batteries would suplly 300 miliamps at max.

by Aivaras Sungaila 3 months ago

There's not just AliExpress in this world get same on wish, eBay to name a few.
that tap led ment to detect temperature and change colour

by Da ve 3 months ago

CRAP to answer question that no body has ever asked!!!!

by D.R. M. 3 months ago

So that is basically a tap water nozzle for people who want to experience epileptic seizures...... o.O

by Robert Phoenix 2 months ago

The meat thermometer was actualy a Multi tool kit. you can use it as a skewer for kebhab, and use it to stab somebody when youre bored.

by Jim dela Cruz Vera 3 months ago

When are you gonna talk again its so anoying with that same song every time pls talk again😒

by Robin Schepens 4 months ago

I live in the USA and ordering from Ali Express feels like being back in 70's and ordering from a Sears catalog.
3 months later... you get your trinket.

by Koko Vec 3 months ago

В что будет если место телефона аккамулятор 18650 поставить

by Макс Федоров 1 day ago

Too lazy youtuber, just reuse old videos again and again

by Huy Thang Nguyen 4 months ago

With the LED faucet tip you forgot to readd the rubber washer from the original aerator. That's why it was leaking water out of the top seal.

by Josh Sharrer 4 months ago

You showed at the end of the video the Micro USB female on the PCB, there is also a Mini USB female on the PCB and a USB female on 2.0 on the PCB.

by Boris Lončar 3 months ago

May i ask why u have so many subs but only around 70k views of less?
No hate btw nice vids

by Kago 4 months ago

Superb 🔥 bro
This is right contents

by AR Gamer 4 months ago

Debería titularse 16 Amazing Gadgets del 2015 por que esos productos son suuuuper antiguos perdí mi tiempo en este vídeo

by MANUEL PARRADO 6 days ago

You don't hold anything still long enough to see it. I quit at .

by Dennis Edwardz 3 months ago

Same products from previous videos... Disappointing

by José Torres 4 months ago

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