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6 Cool Gadgets from Aliexpress

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this is not paid ad for products, there is no links,I bought my gadgets.
from aliexpress,cheap and good gadgets.

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Hacktuber photo 1 6 Cool Gadgets from Aliexpress Hacktuber photo 2 6 Cool Gadgets from Aliexpress Hacktuber photo 3 6 Cool Gadgets from Aliexpress Hacktuber photo 4 6 Cool Gadgets from Aliexpress

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by Hacktuber 6 months ago

I've got the soldering iron since more than a yerar and it's fantastic !

by Sébastien Fraggl 5 months ago

use the soldering iron for say 3 months, test how stable it is, then give me your evaluation, please. I am very interested in it but want to make sure it's not going to catch fire if I turn it up.

by zenol leytan 6 months ago

I would like to see the usage of them in the video. +Where are the links of the products ?? xD

by jhodmantzi 6 months ago

Im just curious, how does the last gadget works exactly?

by Lorenzo Rivera 6 months ago

I need to press it😲

by Karol 6 months ago

Lol I’m using one of those toy car geared motors for a ball mill atm:)

by Project01 5 months ago

Will you build something out of em?

by Bayu Akbar K 5 months ago

How can I make the portable power source like the one seen in your video.

by Daniel García 5 months ago

Nice music, during soldering iron and the leds, name please?

by Magnus Terminus 4 months ago

The soldering iron was pretty nice. The motor, a friend of mine has and it has some torque to it. I think they may go to one of the power wheel cars maybe. The radiator thing, I have 2 of the silver parts but don't have the actual radiators. Now I wish I did. I got the silver parts at a pallet store.

by Terry C. 3 months ago

You told 6 cool gadgets but soldering iron is hot 😀😁😂🔥

by Piyali Kar 1 month ago

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