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answering personal questions while baking with my boyfriend

#haley pham ryan trahan #long distance #relationship q&a #haley pham #Entertainment
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#ryan trahan #personal q&a #haleypham #waiting til marriage #baking with my boyfriend

Haley Pham photo 1 answering personal questions while baking... Haley Pham photo 2 answering personal questions while baking... Haley Pham photo 3 answering personal questions while baking... Haley Pham photo 4 answering personal questions while baking...

i feel like im thirdwheeling watching this

by banana ohnana 1 year ago

I swear if they dont get married im stepping on a lego on purpose

by Maria Alonso 4 months ago

And now they're getting married

by Ellie Ocean 2 weeks ago

anyone else here after they got engaged 🥺

by maddie beaton 2 weeks ago

“What kind of dog do you want”
Them: “golden retriever”
Spock: 👁👄👁

by Paloma Santos 1 month ago

why is no one talking about when Ryan said “corn dog?” and looked all offended 🥺

by Maeve Lopez 5 months ago

who’s here after that got engaged 🥺

by It’s Jade 2 weeks ago

i love how everytime ryan tells a joke he’s like: sorry🥺

by Iris Stopar 9 months ago

I read ”answering personal questions while breaking up with my boyfriend”

by • Alva • 6 months ago

STOp COuGhINg ITs SooOoO AnnOyinG DONt dO THat I haVe AllERgiEs
Edit: Haley is Beautiful

by 1,000 subs Challenge 5 months ago

cutest thing ever while she gone he tells everyone to tell her she's beautiful

you are, haley by the way

by Millie Lach 9 months ago

Anyone else watching this after you found out that their engaged

by Sammey Sam Sam 2 weeks ago

good vid keep it up. u are pretty as well

by Ryan Trahan 1 year ago

Litterally no one:

Not even your cat:

Ryan: "I gAt To Go"

by Lucia Héroux 4 months ago

who else is getting recommended this almost 2 yrs later in quarantine

by Sisi 2 weeks ago

i think a guy who calls women/their girlfriend beautiful instead of hot or cute is a keeper

by maggie 1 year ago

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