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Facetiming my boyfriend while getting robbed (prank)

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yea i'm never doing a prank again I AM SO BAD AT IT! no more pranker pops..
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#facetiming my boyfriend prank

Haley Pham photo 1 Facetiming my boyfriend while getting... Haley Pham photo 2 Facetiming my boyfriend while getting... Haley Pham photo 3 Facetiming my boyfriend while getting... Haley Pham photo 4 Facetiming my boyfriend while getting...

Hey Girlypops! This is a very random and strange video for my channel but I honestly just wanted to facetime my friends and make it funny with my absolutely terrible acting skills! woohoo! anyways I hope you enjoy! I obviously tried my best to make it funny and not actually scary bc that is not very funny or nice. But don't worry.... i think I'm done with "pranks" lmao

by Haley Pham 3 months ago

ryan: can you hear me?
haley: no

by Anna Kay 3 months ago

“Can you hear me?”


Seems legit.

by lbbhbean c: 3 months ago

ryan asking u if u can hear him and u going like 'no' lololol

by Mitali C 3 months ago

“Oh nooo! He’s stealing the stool Ryan!!”

by Paige Berkey 3 months ago

love how matty is robbing them wearing a hydra sweatshirt- they're getting robbed but at least it's by a fan

by Susannah Latimer 3 months ago

jade: you’re joking
haley: you’re JOKING
haley: yOUrE joKiNG

by Iqlas Abukar 3 months ago

The acting skills... Oscar worthy... I’m crying

by Alex 3 months ago

They're walking around like cartoon robbers.

by rdp 132 3 months ago

haley’s acting skills is me in drama class

by Victor Aquino 3 months ago

Me reading the title knowing haley doesn't do pranks:😳😳😳

by Johanna xxx 3 months ago

I would have LOST it as soon as Carson said “oh no. They’re robbing you”

by Maya Mahoney 3 months ago

"robbers" : let's take a whole ass couch while the owner is filming 😂

by Tabassum Yasin 3 months ago

“who dat behind u doe” -Spock trying to save his mudder 2020

by gween bean 3 months ago

Haley: tries to convince Ryan she’s being robbed
The “robber”: wearing a hydra hoodie

by 1800_ Wat 3 months ago

“There’s two little running people” I CAN’T 💀😂

by Nichole Faith 3 months ago

“Haley there robing u”
“Oh no there taking my couch”

by Idiot Ink Stupid 1 month ago

when she said she loved this person more than ryan and the said lets call HIM i was like oooooooo but then it was ......well youll have to watch till the end to find out

by Jaiden McKenna 3 months ago

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