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Guys ask ME questions they’re too afraid to ask girls *awkward*

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Watching this back makes me cringe lol i look so annoyed but I was just so exhausted from allergies that day. But welcome to part 3 where this time the Ryan's ask me questions guys are too afraid to ask girls!.
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#asking guys questions girls are too afraid to ask #the ryans and haley pham #guys ask me questions their too afraid to ask girls

Haley Pham photo 1 Guys ask ME questions they’re... Haley Pham photo 2 Guys ask ME questions they’re... Haley Pham photo 3 Guys ask ME questions they’re... Haley Pham photo 4 Guys ask ME questions they’re...

helllooooo girlly popps!!!! Hope ya'll like this one where I'm in the hotseat 😳 (also just adding this here before anyone gets confused, on the question on if the guy should ask to have sex, we were answering from a point of view that he was in a long term relationship and was asking how to initiate. You ALWAYS need consent even if you are in a relationship. Just wanted to make that clear and its also just a good reminder for anyone watching this 🧐) Ok anyways enjoy!!

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by Haley Pham 3 weeks ago

the most attractive thing in a guy is confidence but not arrogance. there’s a fine line

by _sweetcaroline_ 23 3 weeks ago

“Why are men trash”
Haley: “I personally don’t say that”
Ryan: “I do!”

by Jessica M 2 weeks ago


by Ava Elle 2 weeks ago

why the hell did youtube change where the comments are? it's disgusting!

by Addison Pettyjohn 2 weeks ago

Fun fact: period cramps are basically a mini labor, it's the exact same mechanisms of giving birth just on a smaller scale.

by Abi 2 weeks ago

yerrow was covering his ears like his parents said something dirty lol

by vintage reflection 3 weeks ago

Girls like nice guys, it’s just sometimes you aren’t as nice as you think

by Pizza Time 2 weeks ago

Haley looks like the butterfly filter on snap but without the butterflies

by Kaisa Maunuksela 2 weeks ago

we need another female in this cuz haley isnt as "experienced" or shes just super simple and innocent

by Crystal 2 weeks ago

I think that one of the most annoying thing about boys is like how they have to be 'cool' in from of their friends and sometimes even cat calling like shut up

by Laureen 2 weeks ago

i think it's safe to say that most people wouldn't date solely on looks or solely on personality, but if you really like the personality eventually you'll be attracted to the looks

by Amelia Dowling 3 weeks ago

I think girls have been attracted to guys that are meaner because we've been taught from a young age that if a boy teases you or is mean to you it means they like you

by Carrie Owens 2 weeks ago

saying men are trash isn't a statement women say bc they've been hurt by an f-boy. this saying is said in reference to the men who abuse women, men who make women uncomfortable, men who feel entitled to women, men who manipulate women, men who do not take no for an answer. "men are trash" is much deeper than a crush who broke your heart and it doesn't apply to all men of course.

by Crystal Garcia 4 days ago

“Why are men trash”
Haley: I personally don’t say that so idk-
Yerrow: I DO
In conclusion we stan Yerrow

by i hate myself\: 2 weeks ago

i actually hate it when guys pretend they don’t care. like pls don’t give me mixed signals lol do u care or do u not?

by beep bop 2 weeks ago

The most annoying thing a guy can say that isn’t mean: “you can come if you want” BUT DO YOU WANT ME TO???!!!??

by Amalie Tobiasen 3 weeks ago

Haley: “I don’t usually go for guys who play it cool”
Ryan: “But I was also cool at the time, remember I was so cool”
Haley: “No not really”
Ryan: “Haley I was so cool... I was cooler than you”
Haley: “No but you were so nice”
Ryan: “But I was lowkey nice”
Haley: “No you were pretty just like... nice”

by Brianne Lee 2 weeks ago

“Want to know if girls get ‘excited’ as much as guys.” “You mean like puppies” “........yeah”

by C Koz 2 weeks ago

It’s kinda sad that Ryan Yerrow is just awkwardly sitting in the backseat the whole time bein a third wheel

by Meredith Mines 2 weeks ago

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