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how i dance 20 hours a week - take class with me

#haley pham how i dance for 20 hours a week #dance moms #haley pham dancing #dancer #Howto & Style
this video was a frackin monster to film and edit so I hope ya'll enjoyed seeing what dance classes i take!
Songs played, -help myself by knox fortune
-Love my way by the Psychedelic Furs
-parking lots by plums
-its real by real estate
-build me up butter cup cover by dodie clark
-saw you in a dream by the japanese house
-everytime by boy pablo
-televison love by mosquito coast
(not the songs i danced to)
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How old are you?
What camera do you use?
Canon 80D
What editor do you use?
Final cut pro x

#hip hop class #haley pham train with me #haleypham #ballet class #a week in a dancers life #how i dance for 20 hours a week #teen dancer #haley pham take class with me #a day in a dancers life #haley pham #maddie ziegler #contemporary dance #haley pham dance #dance class

Haley Pham photo 1 how i dance 20 hours... Haley Pham photo 2 how i dance 20 hours... Haley Pham photo 3 how i dance 20 hours... Haley Pham photo 4 how i dance 20 hours...

this might be late but CONGRATS ON 300K HALEY!!🎉❤️ YOU DESERVE IT AND MORE!

by Katie Tracy 2 years ago

Watching this 2 years later:
1. She moved into a house with Ryan.
2. Bought her mom a house.
3. Has 2.3mil subscribers.

by Chloe Choi 1 week ago

Watching this litteraly one year later
1: she’s not going to college
2: she quit dance
3:SHE HAS FRIKING 1mil subs

by Ana Cano 1 year ago

tb when haley was thinking of going to college omg

by Andrea B. 1 year ago

im sad she doesnt dance that much anymore

by Rachel Criss 1 year ago

This made me feel like the laziest person alive

by Karli Cahoon 1 year ago

It's so strange seeing her talk about how awkward and introverted she is now when she seemed like the most extroverted person back then... especially in this video

by u wot m8 1 year ago

i love how y’all get to mess around during class. we’d get yelled at if we did that lol

by _.marriissaa 1 year ago

I'm surprised at how free to joke around you guys are in ballet

by älskling 1 year ago

so crazy how she’s talking about college auditions but now she’s engaged living w ryan with youtube and merch and a podcast

by Sarah Aspelin 1 week ago

Why is this recommend to me 2 years later YouTube??

by Fangirl Dotse 3 weeks ago

girl u just played some of my FAVORITE music in this sunflower, everytime, saw u in a dream ALL BOPS

by mika k 1 year ago

Who else is here from her Ex-dancer tries ballet for the first time in a year video?

by Indrani Ganguly 1 year ago

Im so sad. I miss these vlogs.... and i miss you dancing :(

by Alondra Rivera 1 year ago

I want to learn dancing so badly and I want to do volleyball as well but I just can't because I'm afraid of classes because I'm just so insecure

by a nonym 1 year ago

that girl who kept doing the American girl vine had me cracking up 😂

by Caraline Otte 2 years ago

As someone who quit dance because of anxiety, this was weird to watch 🙃🙃🙃

by Emily Freer 1 year ago

came back here after the "ex-dancer tries ballet for the first time in a year" video she posted... WHao so much has changed...
Also she just hit 2 mil...

by Ati-Maëla Robert 1 year ago

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