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I bought my mom her dream house... this was her reaction!

#i bought my mom a house #haley pham #i bought my mom her dream house... this was her reaction #haleypham #Entertainment
hi. this is the most special video in the world to me..
It is so special to me that I have my mom's full life story on camera and that she felt open enough to share it with the world. Thank you for saving my mom and I, we are forever grateful for this opportunity and i hope to make a positive impact with this platform. You made my 10 year old dream come true..
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#condo tour #i bought my mom her dream house #empty house tour #i bought a house

Haley Pham photo 1 I bought my mom her... Haley Pham photo 2 I bought my mom her... Haley Pham photo 3 I bought my mom her... Haley Pham photo 4 I bought my mom her...

for as long as i can remember, haley has said that she wants to provide for her mom. and look at her now...buying a FREAKING house for her mom !!

that girl has one of the kindest hearts🥺

by Maddie Moon 2 months ago

As a child of immigrant parents, this video touched my heart. I can’t believe you’re only 19 and you’ve achieved so much in the last few years. You bought yourself a whole mansion and a condo for your mom! Not many people can say they’ve done that at 19. I hope that I can take care of my mom and repay her for everything’s she’s done for me when I’m older:) They work so hard for us to have a better life and I just want to take all of that stress off my mom’s hands. I love your channel and it’s amazing to see you grow over the years. Thank you for being such a big inspiration❤️

by anna nguyen 2 months ago

You’re momma is so sweet God bless her! She is such an amazing woman who has an amazing daughter. ❤️

by Ana Ramirez-Zurita 1 week ago

Haley will forever have this part of her no matter how much “hype” she gets or how much hate she gets. No matter how much she changes for good or worse this is her

by Madison Teeter 2 months ago

"You don't expect people to love you forever if they don't want to."

- Mommy Pham

So true

by wolfing EXO 4 days ago

I’m so proud of you baby ❤️❤️ got me crying in da club

by Ryan Trahan 2 months ago

Who’s here after the proposal? And after Haley bought her mom a carr?????

by Sasha Savelli 4 days ago

Your mother look sooooo young! She had you at 39? That's crazy 😱

by Mee 1 month ago

My #1 life goal: to give my mother everything because she deserves it

by Shellsvaldez 2 months ago

imagine being under 25 and buying your MOTHER her dream house

by mallory lillian! 1 month ago

her mom is the purest woman in the world. she deserves everything.

by Carla Ruiz 2 months ago

haley’s mom: nonchalantly “my parents bought dunkin donuts”

by Valeria Yvonne 1 month ago

wow your mom's story is really different than most people's. she came from a wealthy family and didn't see or experience the war, but still went through the rough time of migration by boat. the fact that her and her siblings were able to go to college is a blessing

by Carol 2 months ago

This video is now my favorite. Your mom is the cutest person ever and it’s so sweet how much you help out when you’re earning on YouTube. I just love how Haley doesn’t take all the money she earns for herself and actually shares the wealth with her family. In my opinion, that really says a lot about the kind of person she is! 🥰

by Anna Catherine 2 months ago

"and i said i just let God take care of me and pull me through this. and he did." ♡

by rachel's life 1 month ago

Your mother is such a brave women who deserves the world. You should feels so proud of yourself knowing you’re helping to provide for her

by Lauren Ottewell 2 months ago

“You don’t expect people to love you forever, if they don’t want to” 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

by emily 2 months ago

Did I cry will listening to your moms story and seeing her pure joy, why yes, yes I did. Congratulations mama Pham and you’re such a caring daughter Haley

by Danika Seide 2 months ago

It’s truly inspiring how her mom kept saying “life is good” no matter how many difficult things she talked about in this video. And it’s so good to see the love you & your mom have for each other, Haley! 🧡

by Whitnee Sand 2 months ago

“It was really fun having you” lol, should I laugh or should I cry..?

by Zarina Parmanova 2 months ago

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