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testing tik tok life hacks for shaving my bikini line

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helloooo welcome to the sequel. This time, testing tik tok life hacks for shaving! ok bye.
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#testing tik tok life hacks #tik tok

Haley Pham photo 1 testing tik tok life hacks... Haley Pham photo 2 testing tik tok life hacks... Haley Pham photo 3 testing tik tok life hacks... Haley Pham photo 4 testing tik tok life hacks...

can we take time to appreciate how haley is being brave by testing wild techniques on her cooch to help us girls out?? thanks haley (:

by Emmalie k. 2 months ago

honestly i applaud her for posting things like this for the girls who are new to doing this and helping them not feel uncomfortable by straight up searching it or going to their mothers about it.

by Katie Stringer 1 month ago

these “shaving down there” videos are the reason i subscribed

by Hayward Studios 2 months ago

my issue is when it starts growing in the next day 😭 the hairs feel like razor blades on my skin and ingrowns pop up left and right for the next month

by Subliminal Messaging 1 month ago

Ik she has the money for laser 😂

by LoserLyah 1 month ago

being a woman during the summer in a nutshell

edit - why tf is there men replaying to this comment. why are you here in the first place.

edit - trigger warning in the replays

by Maribelle Guillen 1 month ago

Who also thinks it’s weird her dad watched his daughter shave herself

by Hannah Fleming 1 month ago

I'm a dude and I was just deep diving while high but ig I just got kicked out so 😔 night yall hope you're having a good quarantine

by abortion bucket 1 month ago

“Everyday except for wintertime” * cries in ballerina* 😢😓🤭

by Wendy M 1 month ago

Only ogs remember when she missed her meeting because she was waxing

by Sophia Paray 2 months ago

friendly reminder — seeing a lot of young girls on here. you don’t have to shave down there if you don’t want to. there are ways to be hygienic that don’t involve razor burn and totally bare skin. and if you prefer it totally bare that’s cool too. just know it’s not “gross” and “disgusting” to have pubic hair.

by Cam R 2 weeks ago

Just trim/shave with an ELECTRIC RAZOR/TRIMMER (there are also "tiny" ones especially for the bikini area)
- It is much faster
- it's harder to cut/hurt yourself
- the hairs are a minimum longer as if you would shave BUT
you can wear tight pants, go running, everything!!!! Your skin will not get irritated
Just try it, it's worth it and if you get used to it you won't never ever shave again because it's so great and fast❤

by Charlotte Goldmann 1 month ago

Literally the only reason I barley shave it is because it itches and “hurts” (I couldn’t think of any other word so this is not the best to describe it) when it starts to grow back. It always feel prickly if that makes sense

by Mollie Joyce 1 month ago

Its hard when as a girl whos turning into a women and experiencing things, And sometimes we arent taught how to shave down there, I was never taught and ive had to learn how to do it on my own and it sucks, to those that struggle I feel ur pain on a strong level😭🙋‍♀️🤦‍♀️

by Destiny Martinez 1 month ago

This is a throwback, let the nostalgia consume us.

by Catie C 2 months ago

my personal advice and what works for me: DONT use a mans razor, your cooch is so sensitive and delicate and male razors are tougher, just find a good female one with 3 plus blades, always exfoliate before, baby oil slathered on and then hair conditioner, go along the grain and diagonally but never against the grain. unfortunately this wont be like waxing where its completely gone but it will be fairly invisible, make sure youre rinsing the hair off the razor as you do it and dont let it get clogged up, when finished use aloe vera gel and moisturise with a non perfumed moisturiser ;))

by Lens suzzn 1 month ago

Being a girl in summer is honestly so damn hard 😭😭😭

by Jill Walker 3 days ago

My best tip:
is to shave WITH the grain, then across, THEN when pretty much all of it is gone, shave against. This works for me personally, it makes it really... soft and gets everything ahaha. Hope this helps someone 😚✌🏼

by YouTube HQ 1 month ago

I struggle with shaving a lot, I'm way to scared to actually commit to fully doing it. I am scared of razor burn and it being super itchy. help?

by Katie White 1 month ago

1- If you never shaved down there or if there's a lot, trim with scissors.
2- Use either coconut oil, olive oil, conditioner or Cetaphil (Don't be shy! Put some more!)
3- Men razors can work but are sometimes really sharp. I personally use a woman's razor with built-in product. The only important thing is the more blades, the better!
4- Shave downwards so with the grain and step by step (literally like 1 cm at a time). Start with just under your stomach and then slowly move down and if you're not doing the whole thing just stop where you want to.
5- When you're done downwards (even if there is still some hair), shave side by side but still in the same way the hair goes (the sides grow towards the middle so shave towards the middle).
6- Shave side by side but against the hair (so not with the grain),
7- If it's your first time, you probably shouldn't do this last step but after doing all those steps, you can shave upwards. IMPORTANT! Still put whatever you are using (step 2) even if you don't see any hair if not you will bleed. Also, stretch your skin or you will bleed.
8- After shaving, put oil! Honestly any oil. I use coconut oil because it smells good but olive oil is great too. The reason why some people say not to use johnson and johnson products down there is because it is carcinogenic ONLY if you put it down there so baby oil and baby powder do not belong in this part of your body.
9- Finally, especially if it's your first time, don't wear fancy underwear. Wear cotton because it's the best fabric to let air pass and let your freshly shaved skin breathe.
10- The next day, if everything is fine down there, put some hydrating lotion preferably unscented or natural like Aveeno.

by Anabel Palacio 2 months ago

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