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Cool idea! Don't throw away pieces of wood!

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by HandCraft 2 weeks ago

Title: "Don't throw away pieces of wood"
Video: [goes to pile of 2 dozen perfectly straight 6ft 2x8 boards of spruce]

Who "throws away" that kind of wood? No one!

by Kevin Hanson 2 weeks ago

Clickbait, I clicked on this to see what two hinges bolted together could be for. I found out, it was to get me to watch this guy make a table.

by John Sheehy 2 weeks ago

Screwing into an end grain just means youโ€™ll end up splitting the wood eventually and replacing the legs... there are better ways to make that attachment

by Nic C 1 week ago

Let me just dig through my whole pallet of "scrap" 6 ft long rough cut lumber ๐Ÿ˜‚

by wjerame 1 week ago

When you have fantastic "scrap" and 4 already finished legs just sitting around. Also, I thought cutting close to the fence was bad practice? Maybe that is advanced stuff I am not aware of.

by C Ch 2 weeks ago

I think your definition of scrap is different than mine. Wood destined to be thrown out would be odd sized, damaged, or otherwise unusable. That whole pallet is full of grade A, premium, uniform, straight, unblemished, Spruce.

by TILLER BEEZ 2 weeks ago

I got dizzy just watching this guy move at such a frenetic pace.

by sfmike711 1 week ago

โ€œI canโ€™t believe Home Depot was just throwing away perfectly milled lengths of spruce.โ€ Ummmmmmm no ๐Ÿ˜

by Pherris Hill 2 weeks ago

The thumbnail contains the only things that we WEREN'T shown how to make: the legs.

by BHAKTI BROPHY 3 days ago

Alternative title: "spend all your money in tools and become a carpenter".

by Carlos Pascual 2 weeks ago

3 screws, 1 pile of news paper, some flour......
Mcgiver: one space ship, coming up!!

by Cory Holt 2 weeks ago

I love it, and chairs, infact I want one for me and my grandson to seat at the lake, parks, duck pond and wherever we go to enjoy a snacks, meal. Love the idea and it's very convenient and easy to pack in the car. Thank you Sir.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

by Istandalone 1 week ago

This is a project for someone who has a lot of tools and skill, which I have neither

by Buttercup&Aba Spoknik 1 week ago

"Don't throw your scrap wood, just take it to your professional wood shop that you have"

by foxwitme51 2 weeks ago

Makes things with wood

"Oh wow, I can't believe that you can make things out of wood"...

by UNKNOWN 2 weeks ago

Title should be โ€œBuy wood and I will tell u wat to do with that โ€œ.

by Deepak 2 weeks ago

I completely refurbished my kitchen using old bits of wood and off cuts, when I'd finished it looked totally crap.

by Andrew Roberts 1 week ago

You finally figure out that he has just made a crappy little table that folds up so you can take it to the beach. Disappointment is real.

by Stephen Ashfield 3 days ago

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