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Stepping into the Attic for the First Time

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HARDSTOP LUCAS photo 1 Stepping into the Attic for... HARDSTOP LUCAS photo 2 Stepping into the Attic for... HARDSTOP LUCAS photo 3 Stepping into the Attic for... HARDSTOP LUCAS photo 4 Stepping into the Attic for...

So no one's gonna talk about the whole other person in one of his vids? Like... someone other than Lucas.

by Grace 88 3 weeks ago

No one's gonna talk bout the fact that Gina is actually living in his attic

by Cyber Sparkle 2 weeks ago

Wondering about how if Lucas took over the world, with all of his personas

by 殺 人Murder 2 weeks ago

Plot twist: Thats guy in the attic is his dad who came back with milk after 15 years.

by arslan nauman 2 weeks ago

I never thought a man yelling at his self would be so entertaining 😂
Didn’t expect to get so many likes thx👍🏽

by Bryson Bell 3 weeks ago

This guy takes talking to him self a whole different level

by Fairy Tail 2 weeks ago

why u didn’t drop the song yet ?

by DevPicture 2 weeks ago

Me: mom can we stop and eat

Mom: there is food at home

The food at home: boiling Frosted Flakes and milk

Me: I’m not playing these games

by Bama0539 2 weeks ago

Are we gonna ignore the fact Lucas has a kids tricycle.

by Call Me Corn 2 weeks ago

Is it just me or hard stop Lucas is the only person that can make something funny without hardly using any cuss words?!

by Abel Eduardo 2 weeks ago

Are we just going to ignore the fact that There was someone other than Lucas dancing in the attic?

by DeathStalker 2 weeks ago

"so this entire time you've been living here you never looked up?"
honestly, this could've been me, I just checked to make sure we have no attic.

by Sirradez 1 week ago

Me: Dang y'all hate shoes that much?

by Fulcrum 4BA 2 weeks ago

So we just going to ignore his real mom in the attic when they were partying

Thanks so much my 4th 1k😀👌

by Isaac Wilson 3 weeks ago

Other moms : watching korean,news, movie
Lucas's mom: watching SpongeBob

by Influxes 2 weeks ago

So no one's gonna talk about how this man boiled Frosted Flakes?

by Lethaniel Smith 1 week ago

No ever talks about how he been rocking the same cap and gown for years 😭

by Javonte hawthorne 2 weeks ago

Is anybody gonna talk about the fact that Lucas’s teacher (Mr. Patrick) was clearly dancing in his attic?

by DONKEYYY 2 weeks ago

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