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Dolan Twins React To Corey La Barrie Death

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The Dolan Twins react to the passing of Corey La Barrie and slam hate on TikTok. Plus - David Dobrik and Faze Rug have awkward encounters with trespassers..
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Dolan Twins React To Corey La Barrie Death

#video #faze rug #dolan twins #david dobrik #sommer ray #joji

HollywoodLife photo 1 Dolan Twins React To Corey... HollywoodLife photo 2 Dolan Twins React To Corey... HollywoodLife photo 3 Dolan Twins React To Corey... HollywoodLife photo 4 Dolan Twins React To Corey...

Daniel Seavey was the one who pulled him out of the car 💔 I mean that was his actual best friend like a brother and he had to watch him die. As a limelight Corey’s death hit deep. It hurt to watch probably the most supportive person in their career die 🥺😢💔 it’s probably gonna be so difficult for them to release their upcoming album without him speaking that he was their during the whole production and writing of it 😔

by Anna Gawelek 5 hours ago

Daniel Seavey was the one who pulled him out of the car and stayed with him.. 💔

by isntlovely 5 hours ago

worst year to start the decade. Corona virus, kobe and gigi death, 2 rappers dead, before the start of the decade one of the biggest
rappers in the world had died (Juice Wrld). Then this youtuber dies. Why can’t we just have at least 5 good years!!?!?!

by n o t i c e t h e b l i n g 5 hours ago

I’m so angry at people who drive drunk. My ex boyfriend died a MILE from his house from drinking and driving. Makes me so sick, Corey DIDNT deserve this. I hope Daniel pays for this. 💔💔💔💔

by Kyle 5 hours ago

i cant belive corey died in daniel seavey hands, just imagine seeing your friend dying in your hand, it hits so hard, thankfully chiristian stopped daniel silva or else by know who knows if we found him. all i have been doing is crying rip corey....fly high corey fly really high

by jilee limelight_camfam_ 5 hours ago

I have so much respect for Christian seavey and Daniel seavey. Christian was the one who ran and tackled daniel(Silvia) and Daniel was the one who carried Corey's body and comforted him during his last moments. I can't even imagine what they're going through, it must have been traumatizing

by PAJPLHF JCGMVLZ 2 hours ago

Corey died to soon and too young can’t believe this happen to him he had so much more to show to the world may you rest in piece corey and we will meet one day in another lifetime and universe love you Corey💕

by Baby Marie 5 hours ago

Corey didn't deserve to die at 25😭
He is in a better place and he is resting which is good but its hard😭😭😭 May he fly high🕊💖😭

by kelly glight 5 hours ago

2020 is going by so fast and so miserably

by carlson 34-7 5 hours ago

Imagine dealing with the guilt of ending your friends life and on top of that getting faced murder charges! There’s never a reason to drink and drive!!!

by Bex Roc 2 hours ago

Corey was the most heart warming person I knew not personally but that’s okay we mostly knew him from YouTube but we knew him pretty well and it’s just sad that he had to die on his birthday I’m so sorry to all of his friends and family and fans. May you Rest In Peace my angel❤️❤️👼🏻

by Trap House fan 1 hour ago

Imagine how daniel felt when he had to pull his best friend out of a car

by Akward Person 4 hours ago

Okay I OFFICIALLY HATE 2020 Ohh my God!!! 💔😭😭😭😭😭

by Francis buanu 5 hours ago

I have cried so much, it is unreal. Corey is the laughter we need in out life. The fact that Daniel saw him in the lasts is sad, he was like a brother to him. RIP Corey, Fly high young man. Its unfair. that he has gone already. Once again, Rip legend :(

by Fatimah Ahmed 1 hour ago

Man, I’ve been obsessed as a constant YouTube watcher for the past 4 years. So I’m so surprised I didn’t know who Corey was. I must’ve seen him in collab a with others at some point, and just didn’t know who he was.

by Patti - Cake 5 hours ago

My heart is in pieces for Daniel, he had to hold his best friends lifeless body in list arms which is incredibly traumatic and I'm trying not to cry again over Corey, he was an amazing person and friend. Rest in peace angel! 💙🖤💙 I love you!

by giraffe 47 minutes ago

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