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Thomas Sowell on the second edition of Intellectuals and Society

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On the occasion of the publication of a new edition of his book Intellectuals and Society, Thomas Sowell returns to Uncommon Knowledge for a wide-ranging interview.


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"Intellectuals have many skills which enable them to evade the testing of what they believe."--Thomas Sowell. The quotability index on this man is sky high.

by Alan Marcus 2 years ago

"Obama has an absolute talent for saying things that make no sense but not only sound plausible, but inspiring".

I am going to buy this book (and Basic Economics).

by Ludwigvan 2 years ago

Thomas Sowell was a major influence on me, he woke me up from my dogmatic liberal slumber.

by Richard Roma 7 years ago

"The road to hell is paved with Ivy League degrees" - Thomas Sowell
Love it!

by Carlos Saavedra 1 year ago

Peter Robinson is by far the best interviewer I've ever seen.

by turbo181 2 years ago

He was so right. Watching this in quarantine. This rings so true.

by K Manwarren 1 month ago

What I understand Dr. Sowell to say is "No one is as smart as what they want others to think they are."

by Randell Porter 2 years ago

I call this man Dr. Sowell. Democrats call him Uncle Tom

by Leroy Spencer 3 days ago

"There are no solutions. There are trade-offs." Great line. The economic way of thinking escapes most people, especially politicians.

by pyroseed13 8 years ago

Barack Obama was an act !! No doubt a very talented salesman.
We will know who the real Obama was and what money laundry scheme he leaded along with the Bidens and Clintons.

by mirror talk 3 months ago

Once again, Thomas Sowell hits the nail on the head. There is nothing like hearing a truth teller tell the truth in spite of what is popular or popularly believed to be the truth.

by thighdude7 8 years ago

people who see racism everywhere are not going to think empirically

by pretorious700 7 years ago

“If you believe in social justice and saving the environment, you are really something!”
Hahah love Tom.

by Political Juice 1 year ago

A genuine constitutional scholar will refrain from statements like, "The Constitution is a living document", will refrain from deriding written law as "relative".

Obama was not and is not a constitutional scholar: he's merely an opportunist.

by Mister Lackey 8 months ago

Looks like you cannot be true conservative if you have not been at one point liberal/leftist....:-) Recall Churchills' saying about that "if at 19 you are not a liberal you don't have a heart, but if at 29 you are still liberal you don't have a brain"....

by Adam Smith 3 months ago

@ "I've been noticing that whenever there's a great disaster there always seems to be a Harvard man in the middle of it."

by Felix Ruber 3 years ago

The body language and look on Sowell's face during the Obama clips were hilarious and responses too.

by Jarret Grathwol 9 months ago

One truth that the Left and Anarchists fail to comprehend or to voice if they know the truth, is that the only equality under Communism or Socialism if poverty... only the Elites or Criminals escape this truth... there is no upward mobility if the state gives you a "job" or pays you not to work... you are stuck in that position for life and the only escape is death... or escape to a country like AMERICA and claim political refugee status... so if you bring America down to that level, where are you going to run to when you find out you fucked up? Hundreds of millions of people in Communist and Socialist style governments have found out there are basically two states of being... poor or dead... and the 1% are still in power.

by Up-a-Creek 2 years ago

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