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Jadakiss vs Fabolous Verzuz Preview + Reactions & Fallout From BET Awards!

#Megan Thee Stallion #American Airlines #Fabolous vs Jadakiss #United States #Music
Ebro in the Morning speak on the biggest trending topics of the day during the Flashing Lights report!
- Recap & Reactions From The BET Awards
- Jadakiss vs Fabolous Verzuz Battle Preview
- American Airlines Decides To No Longer Use Social Distancing Measures During Flights July 1
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HOT 97 photo 1 Jadakiss vs Fabolous Verzuz Preview... HOT 97 photo 2 Jadakiss vs Fabolous Verzuz Preview... HOT 97 photo 3 Jadakiss vs Fabolous Verzuz Preview... HOT 97 photo 4 Jadakiss vs Fabolous Verzuz Preview...

both legends but I'm have to go wit Jada...

by Kevin K 6 days ago

Fab & Jada 'bout to be "Keepin' It Gangsta"

by Mercury Hall 6 days ago

Fab vs Kiss not only lived up to the hype,they actually surpassed the hype.

by King Williams 5 days ago

They really put BET awards on cbs. Hmmmm something donโ€™t seem right.

by Nade Cha 6 days ago

Already not looking forward to hearing Rosenberg tomorrow

by kash s 6 days ago

Jadakiss all the way itโ€™s not even a question!!!

by Dev Dryden 5 days ago

Fab: "Must be the way I got the broads swarming cuz now even these old dudes is giving me grills like George Foreman." Vs Jada:" Its the J A D A I got beef with the feds and the D A I got footage of the game press replay."

by Sean Penn 6 days ago

Jada: Bad Boy / Lox / Ruff Ryders / Solo / Posse Cuts / R&B Joints

by Randy Shockley 6 days ago

BET had less technical glitches this year when you needed technology the most.

by soundwave803 6 days ago

Overcome sin struggles in a personal relationship with Christ.๐Ÿ›ก๐Ÿ•Š
John 14:6

by Lisa Love Ministries 5 days ago

Damn... Thought I was about 2 hear a vs breakdown but it was just another covid update/lecture. We get it guys... "Be afraid!" We dont need u 2 further push the propaganda. We come here 2 hear about Hip-Hop.

by TheHealthHopNetwork 5 days ago

When itโ€™s two titans like this is gonna be tonight. Itโ€™s the fans that win !!! Every time. Fab vs jada. The fans win. Fab not gonna lose , jada not gonna lose , and the fans not gonna lose. Unless one of them got a bad connection itโ€™s a Win Win Win across the board !!!! I canโ€™t wait.

by Brian Hood 6 days ago

AlwaysGone Live! It's on tonight... Jadakiss finna smoke Fab outta his boots

by GERALD SIMMONS 6 days ago

someone tell this hairy back Rosenberg dummy that although cases are going up corona deaths are decreasing ...

by Photo Booth Start Up 6 days ago

In the Netherlands schools have been open for two months now (2-12yrs) and one month (12-17yrs, half/third classes) and everything is going great. After the summer I get full classes again. We are not worried, but still careful.

by SirPalsrok 6 days ago

We finally got a remix ft NaS And Black Thought!!!! But YG and Rhapsody killed it tho!!!!!

by Power100 6 days ago

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