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GIANT AXE Vs. GIANT STUMP Dropped from 45m!

#how ridiculous giant dart #trampoline #45m tower #bowling ball vs trampoline #Sports
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How Ridiculous photo 1 GIANT AXE Vs. GIANT STUMP... How Ridiculous photo 2 GIANT AXE Vs. GIANT STUMP... How Ridiculous photo 3 GIANT AXE Vs. GIANT STUMP... How Ridiculous photo 4 GIANT AXE Vs. GIANT STUMP...

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by How Ridiculous 2 weeks ago

Axe name: Wedginald ... someone put that earlier, went to “like” it can’t find it but it’s good.

by shay stout 2 weeks ago

Just imagine : How ridiculous + The slow mo guys

by mr whiteman 4 days ago

Drop a car on the axe... Everyone like so they see this :)

by Braydon abbott 1 day ago

What if they hit something with the Thor’s hammer but it was on a giant swing so that it would get hit on the side

by David Rivera 4 days ago

It’s gotta be Hugh. Hugh Jax.

by Ryan Domier 2 weeks ago

**sniffs** Smells like gunpowder. **realizes my neighbors are letting off mini fireworks across the lot** ....Dammit, Gaunson....

by ThatGuyWalkingBy 3 days ago

Big Jonny, or Jonnys big brother, John.
The movie the Shinning inspiration.. maybe even dropping a giant door for Halloween Special edition. 💡💡💡💡

by Freddy Bull 1 week ago

Imma Have To Recommend The Good Ol' "Tin Can" As A Name For The Giant Axe

by Jared C 2 days ago

Never thought i'd see a phone on a fishing rod being dropped from a watch tower to film a bowling bowl getting cut in half by a giant axe. That's the content I wanna see.

by you dont wanna mess with ducky 3 days ago

Paul Bunyan just called and he's not happy, he wants his axe back.

by Duane Schwingle 1 week ago

Axe name: johnknee yea I know bit of a strange name, I thought of it and yea I want it to be named johnknee.

by Bob 2 days ago

Ax reminds me of Gimli, the dwarf in lord of the rings. I don’t know why lol it’s awesome!

by Adam Wrigley 3 days ago

The axe name should be: Axel og Aksel

by James Hansen 1 week ago

"Cleavus" seems like a name a giant axe would have

by timlynch 2 weeks ago

Maybe “Hew Axeman”?

Keep up the fun content gents!

by Rich Dirks 1 week ago

I suggested dropping stuff on spikes years ago. Finally glad to see this.

by Blake Lawless 1 week ago

i skipped ahead to this part and thought that the guy behind him cut his eye with the wirecutter
edit: i just realized he hold the wriecutter himself

by no one 1 day ago

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