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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622

#Iceland #Clarinet Concerto (Composition) #Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall #Iceland Symphony Orhcestra #Music
Iceland Symphony Orchestra
Cornelius Meister, conductor
Arngunnur Árnadóttir, clarinet
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622
- Allegro (0:27)
- Adagio (12:58)
- Rondo (Allegro) (20:07)
From Iceland Symphony's concert, Harpa, Reykjavík, September 10th 2015.

#iceland music #Concerto #Symphony (Composition Type) #Music (TV Genre) #Classical #Orchestra #Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer)

Iceland Symphony Orchestra photo 1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto... Iceland Symphony Orchestra photo 2 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto... Iceland Symphony Orchestra photo 3 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto... Iceland Symphony Orchestra photo 4 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto...

This is the very concerto, that was played at my brother`s funeral. It brought me back to the days, that he and I played together more than six decades ago. We both loved the same music, which my parents and other siblings also liked. Now they are all dead and I am left with so many beautiful memories. This piece will always remind me of my childhood.

by Albert Willems 2 years ago

Our son Abe is a photographer and editor: Trees and flowers and waterfalls and creeks and lovely women and the Canal of Venice.

by Peggy Trawick 2 days ago

I am a 13 years, and I play the clarinet. I hope I someday can play this piece, and maybe half as good as she did. She’s so talented, and she makes it seem easy.

by Caroline 3 months ago

Lindo timbre do clarinete... lembro de quando participei da banda sinfônica da escola.

by Jose Izel 1 month ago

I am very elderly and have always loved Mozart. This lass with her clarinet is just heaven. During lock down I have been endeavouring to renew my acquaintance with the piano although it is sixty years since I last did so. Although I make many mistakes the piano has been my saviour.

by Margaret Taylor 1 week ago

All the hours spent practising as children, honing their skills, all that time, all the mistakes, all the pain and sweat, until one day as adults they finely all congregate together working as a finely tuned machine to reproduce such amazing music written by a genius who lived hundreds of years ago...i salute all the musicians here in this video and Mozart himself and am humbled and grateful they can give us such beautiful and amazing music to listen to and touch our hearts...at times we humans can truly shine!

by MrCOLTSR2 1 year ago

Sitting at the tip of the African continent at sunset, listening to this beautiful music.
Food for the soul, peace for the heart & calm for the brain during lockdown.

by Sally Bunn 2 weeks ago

I was sitting in a car after heart surgery, hardly able to move, grateful to be alive, and the Adagio came on the radio. This is my poem about that moment:
The Hospital

Relentlessly the revolving doors
receive and reject the young men with
wills and bodies broken, or the frightened old men staggering
confusedly toward the deepening chill,
or the ashen women pursued by ten-thousand
pinpricks of worry wandering unappreciated into the long twilight
And just above,
lifting softly through the stained and emptying November sky, a clarinet
plays forgiveness, music which tugs gently against gravity,
filled with honey and blood
and bottomless sorrow
and infinite light.

by Robert Hunt 9 months ago

I was a very talented clarinet player when I was young (14 years old), I earned 1st chair in the state. Since then I lost the motivation to practice and by the time I was in college band I was mediocre at best. I haven’t played since but this brings me back to how fulfilling it was to create such a beautiful sound. I miss being a musician so much.

by Sara Morris 1 month ago

The performance by Miss Árnadóttir gives an overwhelmingly beautiful and masterful performance played by memory. The Clarinet Concerto is intense, engaging, triumphant and graceful as unique. Simply wonderful captivating musical treasure.

by Helena Williams 1 month ago

The number of the viewers of this video outnumbers the population of this country! Really well done to the country's music education which has resulted in such an orchestra.

by amir ezhieh 2 years ago

so Mozart though:
"I Like the clarinet, I am going to write it a Concerto.!"
Writes in A Major for everyone 🙂
Writes in B Major for clarinets 😈

by Rafael R. 1 week ago

Take a break from the angst of the coronavirus and relax with this heavenly piece of music with a marvelous young lady's performance.

by Steve Fochios 2 weeks ago

If you are here for the Miss Marple BBC audiobook part -

by lorna mcardle 1 month ago

An this wonderful soloist plays it EVER SO BEAUTIFULLY.

Whenever I wanna hear a bit of 'classical' music to warm my heart and soul, I play THIS recording. Great and VERY measured performance. Thank you!!! Ms
Arngunnur Árnadóttir !!!!

by Ndy Som 1 week ago

To you young clarinetist: the next time your mother, dad or teacher gets on your case to practice? Just remember the dedication and the results this young lady had! It will inspire you to put your annoyance aside and pick up your instrument! No one can take that music away from you. It will be there in your hands and in your head!

by Pamela McIlroy 1 month ago

Newcomers to Mozart, skip ahead to . This will take you to the second movement, with its achingly beautiful theme played on the clarinet. Only seven minutes long, it transcends the centuries to find us common ground with this composer.

For many, this performance could serve as an introduction to Mozart. The music's apparent lightness carries within it deep wells of emotion, all expressed with the utmost fluency and subtlety. The result is magnificent.

To some, this passage might at first seem overly simple. And that misperception gives rise to a famous truism about Mozart: His music is too simple for beginners and yet too complex for virtuosos. When this starts to make sense, congratulate yourself for having found our closest connection yet to the infinite.

by John Richards 3 months ago

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