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Sia Tells us about 'Together', directing 'Music', and adopting her sons!

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Sia called in to chat with Shannon Burns about her brand new song 'Together' from the official soundtrack to Sia's upcoming film, 'Music'.
Sia tells us about snuggling with her dogs in isolation (0:40), the challenges of directing and editing 'Music' (1:03), how Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal were here original lead ideas (3:00), Swapping out Shia LaBoef for Kate Hudson, The inspiration for the messaging behind 'Together', (4:40).
Sia also explains the reasoning behind why she is seen less with her iconic wig (5:46), and how respectful people are to her privacy nowadays, accidentally being on a livestream with Kim Kardashian and JLo (7:00)
Sia also breaks the news that she adopted two sons who are not babies, (as originally assumed by many) but teenagers aging out of the foster care system, and explains how she is helping them with the traumas they have experienced (8:16)

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She is one of my favorite people. That her goal now is “to make all of her friends dreams come true” is the best thing!!!

by Joseph Sago 1 week ago

imagine being adopted by sia...what a dream

by Nick 1 week ago

She's one of the few pop stars that deserves to be where shes at. imo.

by WeekndWarrior 1 week ago

She just says it how it is. Love it.

by Uri Levi 1 week ago

sia is one of the best singing artist i love all her songs she has a very beautiful voice

by Michael Chan Wing 1 week ago

Love Sia. She's amazing and such a wonderful singer!

by Matthew Williams 1 week ago

Best artist in the universe! I love you Sia Furler

by Visual917 1 week ago

great interview!
well done!

by ROZEN 1 week ago

TOGETHER out now!!!

by Marc 1 week ago

She adopted two sons!!!!! Amazing, Sia! You’re wonderful, my love ❤️

by Asker J 6 days ago

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