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Top 5 Bully Fight Scenes

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Bully: Bullies kid
Bullied kid: Fights back
Teacher: Thats Illegal

by timuchin asadzade 1 month ago

Kid: is being bullied

Teachers: im gonna pretend I didnt see that

by anthotron 1 week ago

Kids: get bullied

Teachers: “ignoring them”


by Ava Reyes 2 days ago

Karate Kid has one of the most realistic fights I've ever seen

by CashyHD 1 week ago

Imagine a random guy raising his fist against you while shouting: HOW OLD ARE YOU

by Arda Deralla 4 days ago

Thanos:i used the stones to destroy the stones

Jackie chan:i used the kids to destroy the kids.

by Hozan ツ 1 month ago

Bully: "punches kid in the eye"
Kid: "starts bleeding from the mouth"

Me: well done with the realism. 😅

by hexxic MC 6 days ago

why is the 3rd one their the poor kid just got punched by the bully and thats it

by Lonewolf 1 week ago

Why just why did they add dragon Ball evolution it's a tragedy not a movie
Edit:geeze im getting likes fast thanks i have a funny video on my channel so see it or dont its ur choice

by Dynamic_ Gamer17 1 week ago

Jackie Chan: I use the kids to attack the kids
Me: ah yes, I use water to make more water

Yes this comment is a joke

by Daniel Chai 3 days ago

Bully: Starts a fight

Me: Fights back in self defense

Public schools: So you have chosen...death

by Josh Gandy 3 months ago

Kid: gets bullied and tries to run out

Other kids: pushes the kid back in Get in there

Like seriously someone is getting hurt, what if you were weak and got hurt 🤦🏻‍♀️

by Ava Reyes 2 days ago

The Last Scene

Bully: Bullies the fat kid and skinny kid with glasses

Bodyguard: beats up the bully

Bodyguard: get no u'd

by SuperTNT2007 1 week ago

When you realize an adult destroyed an entire team of trained kids without technically hitting one of them

by Squidward Tortellini 1 week ago

“Hey kid im just gonna grab you to spin you around and knock your friends out alright?”

by Phantom Films 2 days ago

Who else is watching this while coronavirus is here

by Shawn Keeton 1 month ago

The last clip

"I can't punch him, he's only a minor"

"No he's not, he's 18"

facial expression changes and Activates power level 100 🤣🔥

by Xtra Z 1 week ago

Meanwhile in real life:

Defend yourself against a bully at school = suspension

Defend yourself against a criminal in your own home = go to jail

Defend yourself against a government bully = say goodbye to life

by Zeb Rino 3 weeks ago

The 3rd one

Bully: makes fun of the kid
Kid:*make fun of him back*
Bully:"what did he just say..."

by wAf R4f 1 week ago

So basically a guy bleed from mouth if he gets punched on his eye


by comrade kritanu sharma 4 days ago

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