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'Lines Only!' Fundamentals: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

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In this week's elimination tattoo, each shop is being judged on their fundamentals. The artists must leave no room for errors as they’re challenging with creating texture, depth, and contrast by tattooing illustrative black work, but is one team cheating their way to the top?.
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Ink Master photo 1 'Lines Only!' Fundamentals: Elimination Tattoo... Ink Master photo 2 'Lines Only!' Fundamentals: Elimination Tattoo... Ink Master photo 3 'Lines Only!' Fundamentals: Elimination Tattoo... Ink Master photo 4 'Lines Only!' Fundamentals: Elimination Tattoo...

doesn’t think of using a mag
“you cheated”

by ami babyy 2 years ago

Lmao its not even cheating its called using ur brains.

by Peel The Avocado 3 years ago

using a mag is an unbelievably good idea, I understand why they thought it was cheating but they didn't cheat, they thought outside the box

I was not expecting to get this many likes, thank you

by Rey'Na Riggans 3 years ago

The under boob one is actually beautiful

by Lytra 2 years ago

He didn't cheat. Work smarter not harder.

by WinterBaby01 3 years ago

Using a magnum is not cheating! That's genius! Any good tattoo artist shouldve known that!

by niggs niggs 3 years ago

😂😂😂 the judge called out the whole group for being upset that old town used a mag when one group used big bold lines by going over them twice which was STATED as against the rules 😂😂😂 he said "yall put them up here because yall are threatened by them, not because they "cheated", and you are wasting your time"

by Brittany Clark 3 years ago

Using a mag is like holding 5 pencils at the same time to write your detention sentences faster

by Gregory Jeffries 2 years ago

You can say he cheated or whatever, but his tattoo was by far the best one of the day

by Lydia Rhianna 3 years ago

I think mag guy is a genius. If he gets kicked for a smooth trick like that, one would think ink masters was more about drama than actually problem solving and skill.

by kasey Kerr 2 years ago

The mag is smart

by Izzy 3 years ago

I still don't get how old town cheated when they didn't. Yeah the challenge was lines only fundamentals, but Chris, Dave or Oliver never said that they can't use mags, so technically old town didn't cheat or did anything wrong. Also, to the shops who wanted them in the bottom 3, well those shops must either be jealous or something to put them in the bottom 3, especially since there's nothing wrong with the tattoo old town did

by Jamieb1994 3 years ago

"Guess what? He cheated, he used a mag. You're going to the bottom."
wins the show

by Tessa McArthur 1 year ago

Was said by judges: "Just lines"
Was never said :"just one needle"

by Noel TheTree 1 year ago

Using a mag was super smart. I don't think it sounds have been considered cheating.

by you-are-the-pelican-man 2 years ago

The mag was the smartest way to go here. That's how you get the nicest non-shaded line tattoos! Exactly how mine was done!

by Anneke Lema 3 years ago

It's funny they think the mag is cheating. The way I see it, is that he didn't even care or payed attention to what people said, in the end the tattoo looks better and he is happy with the tattoo.

by Matthew Rass 3 years ago

hate how they always force these dumb disagreements and arguments in every episode, they would all know a mag does straight lines if used a correctly ...

by FieldOVision 3 years ago

The people on Ink Master keep getting better. Season one the tattoos basically sucked. Season 9... it's hard to find a bad one

by Wendy Neverland 3 years ago

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